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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm back to work with lots of things to do.Now, i'm officially engaged.yahoo:)

love my dress

jgn x tau ni hantaran diy tau

sedih time ni.u judge la lawa ke makeup n rmbut i tu,but i love love love my dress!

nervous n so embarrassed.rase cam artis

ada sesi sarung cincin lelaki la
both parents

hahaha.sekali tgk mcm nangis

mcm kawen laks.kami tunang baruuu



uuuu.nk tembak rmbut.

fana yg x betoi

i'm not so satisfied with my makeup n my hair.i think i looked like japanese women/indonesian actress or in between.tapi nk wat camne tu la bajet murahan.huhuuu..takpelah.next year kawen must find better mak andam .but overall this is my great experience.sgt berterimakasih kepada semua yg hadir n the most important is i dah jadi tunangan orang!:))))

Sunday, December 20, 2009

engagement preparation

oh.now i just realize there's only 1 more week to go for my e-day.uhohouh.suddenly,i felt so nervous.tau x i x prepare ape pon .duk melangut je kat umah study tgk buku pengantin.oh,x leh jadi.lantas kena gi KB cepat2.so lets find out what i must check before i forgot.

1)Search for alas dulang.(before this i borrowed from my friend,but cannot be used coz my mom dislike it.me too felt its not suitable with our theme)

2)buy artificial flowers at SSF/KBmegalace for hantaran decoration

3)ask secret recipe for customade cake.apa perisa yg sedap ek selain cheesecake n sesuais for hantaran?)

4)visit salon for hair treatment/manicure.tapi manicure rasenye wat b4 tunang lah

5)extra chocolate for backup as my auntie promise me to sponsor it.but i just want to have back up if anything happen la

6)Hunt the veil.still cannot find it,last resort..must rent it from the boutique

Hope everything goes well

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Purple dramatic

My engagement date is around the corner.I'm really excited n cannot wait for the date,but frankly speaking, i'm feeling nervous too...phew.That means sooner i'll be somebody's fiance(still cannot believe it).hihi.Anyway,i'm in holiday rite now so i can prepare for the event.I'm thinking to diy for the hantaran although i just want it t be as easy n simple ceremony.My engangement theme would be purple and white as purple is my always favourite colour besides pink..As i told u before my engangement dress is white,but i add purple pinkish beads along the neck to ensure it blends well with my purple/white themed..n ohh,,i just got my dress from my tailor a few weeks before!and i'm totally satisfied with it.nanti i review the baju la.jahitan cantik n sgt kemas maniknye,thumbs up for kak la (the tailor) for making my dress beautiful for me:)

here i found something interesting from the net to ease your eyes.

love it.From projectwedding

cute pic taken from weddingchicks

(baju tunangku warna putih,jadi nak veil putih campur manik purple.ada ke ek?ingat nk sewa je tp taktau ade ke x.huhu0oo)

Friday, November 20, 2009



Cuti dan Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Cuti Pertengahan Penggal

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan


Cuti Pertengahan Tahun

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Cuti Pertengahan Penggal

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Hari Persekolahan

Cuti Akhir Tahun


The info above really make me disappointed.why?let me tell u.

I thought the school holidays will be on 29th may just like before..how come i didnt know eventho i'm a teacher?ooo great.now i need to move our wedding date a week further,.i cannot organize my wedding on school days coz i'm far away from kelantan n usually the teachers who want to get married will do the event on school holidays.kitorg mana ada cuti lain kecuali cuti sekolah aje,..so i need school holidays for making my big day fabulous..(erm ,,.fabulous ke) .hmmm..what make me so disapointed?because i've already booked the photographer from photoaura on 4th/5th june 2010.Hopefully, they are still available on 11th june(T_T)

I got the info about the school holidays from this blog

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More ideas for wedding dress

I already bought chiffon with embellishment for my nikah outfit.as usual lain yg dipikir lain yg dibeli.huhu.but i've always love chiffon material,so rite know i need to search again for a lovely dress for my nikah outfit.While i'm googling i found these..

Ada banyak lagi gambar dalam blog ni yang membuatku terlopong n ternganga tengok.agagagagagaga.jd tensen plak bila dh beli kain nikah,huuhuu(merepek)

Sementara itu i look other design for baju kurung moden.Pic from rizman ruzaini(Must see their design!).

Friday, October 30, 2009

My dream solemnization dress

Source: i googled. I think i took the pic from lynda rahim's page.

I fell in love with the details on sari yanti's baju kurung during her solemnization.simple but gorgeous.Maybe i can try to look something like this?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

cerita di SSF

I love these cake tier.SSF is having promotion n cut down the original price from rm50++ to only rm35 je kot.tp x tau la skang ni still on promotion lg tak.n i cannot remember the actual price coz my mother bought it.:)Perfect to put cupcakes.yesss

I also love these stuff too.perfect for decoration

Isn't this hen cute?

n i bought these pomander balls.but not at SSF ye.I bought it at megalace KB.cheaper than KKhome decomart.

I need to find styrofoam pomander balls to make like these.Thank u to faeza coz sudi menjualnya.tp blom jumpa die lg.huhu.tgkla free2 i'll go buy it from her.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding photographer

A wedding must have a perfect pictures for our lifetime memory.Therefore i need to choose the best photographer on my wedding.Finally i decided to hire http://photoaura.net/ as i was so impressed with their work and becoz they were based in kelantan!Actually i wanted to hire them since last june but i post poned it coz during that time i wanted to try to look other photographer.But then i think their work is the best n i need to hire them as soon as possible.I wanted to hire their founder,aweenrashdan.tp die dh ade job kt tmpat lain on my big day.sedihla jugak,tu laa.sape x suh book awal.huhu.,tp takpa la,dpt book haniffhashim(one of photoaura's team).So i'll be waiting my big day next year n really hope haniffhashim can capture the best moment in mylife:)

Tips memilih "Wedding Photographer"
Pastikan anda telah melihat sampel-sampel hasil kerja jurugambar kahwin tersebut. Kebanyakan mereka mempunyai laman fotopages sendiri. Sila tanyakan hal ini.
  • Sesetengah syarikat mempunyai lebih dari satu jurugambar kahwin. Pastikan sampel gambar yang ditunjuk adalah yang diambil oleh jurugambar yang akan mengambil gambar kahwin anda.
  • Pastikan anda berjumpa dan bercakap dengan jurugambar kahwin dan pembantunya yang akan mengambil gambar kahwin anda. Sesetengahnya akan cuba memberitahu apa yang patut anda lakukan, tetapi ada juga yang lebih suka jika anda memberikan pendapat anda sendiri. Ingatlah bahawa seorang jurugambar kahwin profesional itu tidak semestinya seorang "wedding planner" yang baik dan sesetengahnya pula agak keterlaluan menyuruh anda menggayakan sesuatu lebih daripada suasana "natural" perkahwinan anda. Nyatakan kemahuan anda dengan jelas supaya tidak kecewa nanti. Nilai hasil kerja mereka yang dulu dan kalau ada shots yang anda suka bagi majlis anda, katakan kepadanya.
  • Sesetengahnya pula suka charge "overtime" untuk masa mereka. Pastikan berapa kadar mereka sejam dan mereka tidak terlebih masa.
    Jika boleh pilih syarikat atau orang perseorangan yang "charge their services" dengan pakej tertentu daripada "by the hour". Pastikan anda tahu berapa kadar harga untuk "reprints and enlargements" gambar-gambar anda. Dapatkah anda simpan negatifnya?
  • Berapa anda harus bayar? Cuba bayar deposit dahulu, kalau kerjanya baik dan memuaskan barulah anda bayar sepenuhnya.
  • Berapa lama anda boleh mendapatkan gambar-gambar anda? Ini berbeza antara satu jurugambar kahwin dengan jurugambar kahwin yang lain.
  • Tidak kisahlah jenis kamera apa yang mereka pakai. Yang semestinya, pastikan hasil kerja mereka "first class".
  • Mungkin anda ingin mengambil pakej gambar dan video sekali dari orang/syarikat yang sama. Lebih murah dengan cara ini.
  • Source: http://www.syokkahwin.com/

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Pomander ball

    i've been searching this pomander ball for my event.I've tried to find it at kedai romantika shah alam but the seller said it's already sold out.So i guess i need to find it at KL.Does anyone know where to find this pomander ball other than kedai romantika?

    hope to find this one as soon as possible

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    make-up and hair style for engagement

    i'm searching for anyone who can do make up/hair style n also mini pelamin for my engagement day.But it seemed so hard to find good choice here as my kg is not KL but still KL in short form..Kubang Lebur,.what a name.huhu.so i just booked the bridal boutique on last raya where i can see this butik is so laku there.dunno whether the mak andam can do make-up like what i want.hopefull she can.so my kerja for 2 months before the day is to google n show the pics to her,hehe..i loike these pics:

    very simple makeup.boleh ke org kg aku buat simple2?takut jadi mcm tepung gomak je,hope2 x la putih melepuk sgt.mcm ni pon dh ok kan?anyway it's just for my engagement day only :))

    love hairstyle for brides.just add fresh flowers to the hair n u will look like a sweet princess.If I could wear my hair like that everyday, I would.


    there are many websites out there that have great galleries of hot looks for engagement/wedding day style. After this i will try to update what i like for mini pelamin:)

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Balik Kampung 2009

    Hi.,time to blk kg..off to klntn after sahur n safely arrived at 2.00 pm.Alhamdulilah.Eventho the cars were so many starting from bentong, we still managed to arrive quite early(thank god).It is normal anyway if u want to balik kelantan 2 days before raya festive.hihi.
    While driving definitely u want to listen to balik kg song n hari raya songs rite,but my car asyik2 mcm susah nk dgr lagu la .thot maybe no coverage or cannot find the freq but now i knew why suddenly i cannot listen to radio clearly..u know someone stole my car's antenna...dem,patot x leh dgr,huuu.takpelah.cobaan..

    oklah.malas nak tension dah.,hari raya nk dekat.so i dedicate this song to all the perantau like me :).Wish U aLL SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa MaaF ZahiR dan Batin

    Balik Kampung

    Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
    Kerna hati ku melonjak sama
    Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
    Yang selalu bermain di mata
    Nun menghijau gunung ladang dan rimba
    Langit nan tinggi bertambah birunya
    Deru angin turut sama berlagu
    Semuanya bagaikan turut gembira
    Balik kampung oh oh...( 3X )Hati girangHo ho... Balik kampung (3X)Hati girang
    Terbayang wajah-wajah yang ku sayang
    Satu-satu tersemat di kalbu
    Pasti terubat rindu di hati
    Menyambut kepulangan ku nanti( ulang dari mula )

    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Balik kampung

    Its good to be at home again....LOVE IT.Wait this holiday since june u know...huuuu...but tomorrow need to go penang!baru je nak puasa kat kelate ni n nk jenguk2 butik sini.haha.tp takpe.mana2 je pon takpe as long as i'm with my parents,i'm always be happy:)

    There is no place like home...Okla.Selamat berpuasa everyone!

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    baju tunang part 2

    Rase malasnye nk update blog.rase nk tgk blog org je.especially blog org nk kawen.haha.Ok.for updates, last week i went to Jakel to search chiffon for my engagement's dress,.At first i thought i want baju like Camelia's sister but change the colour to lilac/lavender (see my previus post).But then my bf said he likes white n i look better in white for our engangement.hrmm..so tukar plan.jumpa kain chiffon warna putih yg murah jugakla n beli jugak kain plain for lining.masalahnye kain lining tu i terbeli lg mahal dr chiffon tuhh(gigit jari).wuuuu..lari bajet tau,to avoid the dress looking too plain,i have to put beads, crystal,wutever la..but the design still like camelia's sister engagement dress tuu.. so huda..plz help me.design gorgeous baju tunang for me!!!!

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

    Go shopping at Nilai 3

    hoyeeehh,my school organized a shopping trip to nilai 3!u know cikgu cikgi ni suka kain2.biasa ah.this is my second time actually,.i had been there few years ago with my family coz that time my mom want to shopping curtains.org ckp situ murah kan kain2.lgpon time tu kitorg duk putrajaya.jd dekat la.huhu. erm,what is interesting about nilai 3?well,this is the place where u can find lots of kain until u can vomit,.huhuh..Nilai 3 is a wholesale centre and a one-stop destination for the bride to-be and u can find lotsa wedding stuff.the place is so big n u can get tired to walk to all the shops.It is better if u can target the place that u wanna go. As for me, i definitely want to check out the wedding shops there.Luckily my friend hanim also is getting married.so she also want to survey with me.
    We went to this small shop n found this mini diary.great for gifts too.nice!

    This is towel looked like eggs which is so unique,.i havent seen like this b4.I tried to find it at other shops but couldnt.this small shop only selling this stuff,.they have other unique gift too.but i havent take any picture of it,.its a pink pencil but covered the lead with a cover look like an apple.I love this one too.u know la i like pink.huhuhu.bleh buh coklat kot,1 pic 1.90.hmm.survey lg lah.haha

    haah.Last2 kami x beli pon,i just bought kain for kenangan2 trip ni je,.em.It is good to survey first.My wedding date is next year so no need to rush anyway.FYI, b4 this i planned to go to jakarta/bandung laa.but i cannot gooooo.T_T..my school didnt allow any staff to go overseas as u know H1N1 case is getting worse.huuu.its oklah.nnti2 lah bleh gi.

    oklah,.tomorrow i want to visit the Pameran Pengantin at mdvalley!then i also want to check out the sales at Jakel tuu..pusing2 jln TAR.haha.yey.need to sleep now.daaa

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Branded Warehouse sale

    Hari ini dgn rasa semangatnya nk pegi pre-raya branded warehousale kat stadium malawati.msg bende,jom teman gi sana.die ckp ok.berehh,.then blk keje trus gi.dhla keje pagi.keje smpai ptg.ingtkan nk blk umah dulu tido2 ke.sbb ngantok lah.tp tahan je sbb nk gi tgk branded warehouse tu punye pasal.huhu.arrived there around 6.30 pm la lebey kurang,oops.saw nic's sisters..diorg dh nk blk.so i asked them is it ok the stuffs?diorg ckp kureng aaa..trus hati jd mcm xde mood..tgk2 mmg btol bknnye best sgt pon.handbag guess,kasut nine west semua mcm dh xde yg best sgtsemua dh dikebas org yg cantik2 tuh.tgk dgn hati yg kecewa jugaklah..the prices also still expensive for guess bag eventho already less 40-60%.but the original price is around 300-500 la.actually..ade je cantek.but i think better i wait for my wedding gift soon.lg best.

    eh tadi i also went to cosmetics and fragrance place. tp mostly byk brand yg cikai2 laa. ade la cket vera wang, CK. stella. jpg. bvlgari. FCUK pon ada.tapi very limited. what can i say only 1 bottle for each brand.

    but on a separate table i noted a whole collection of cartier’s perfume. and then ada naf naf n aigner.tp i did'nt go for testing the smell.

    As people said we cannot trust the sales 100%..coz the stuffs they selling is out of season+not in good quality+rejected..perfume pon tgk cam tipu punyee..wtf..hee,.sabar je la.mungkin kena gi awal pagi la kot baru senang dpt yg apa yg kita nak.huhu

    Sunday, July 19, 2009


    Today me, my dad n my brother went to sogo as my father came to KL for working.as u know currently sogo n other big malls are having great sales.tp i didnt shopping at all.cuci mata je,.my dad n my bro je shopping,dah la ayahku beli gucci lagi.nak sama ngan mama la katanya,ces.i nak jugak!JEALOUS seh,.hahah.takpa.but the reason i went there is to survey for fragrance n bedding set.sungguh rambang mata la.but for this post i just want to focus on the perfumes..i really fancy the smell of burberry brit, gucci floral,miss dior, dkny fresh blossom, love by nina ricci n of course chanel chance(most feveret,but so expensive..grr).i want to smell again that anna sui flight of fancy, coz i really love the design of the bottle.tp kat sogo takde lak anna sui.huu..i love the smell of freshness, floral n feminine.which one best suited me?

    Sweet.love the bottle!

    Burberry sheer brit.Floral fruity fragrance.yumm.my dad love it too

    fresh blossom dkny.feminine and flowery scent with a slight twist of delicious, juicy, citrusy goodness

    cute nina ricci.mcm apple.my bro la ckp best la perfume ni,.test2 best jugak.hehe

    gucci floral.first saw it in the ad on tv.n smells sweet floral.but my father already bought it for my mum.alaa

    nice too.elegant n feminine.cute ribbon on the top
    my utmost favourite.fresh, introduce by nic n immediately fell in love,.but pricey T_T

    maybe after this i will decide which one best suited me.mana2 je la asalkan dapat yg dlm lists ni.ok en bakal tunang.

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Baju tunang

    holaa dearie blog.
    this is my wishlist baju tunang as u know i'll be getting married:)..so kena la tunang dulu.huhu.but i haven't go to any boutiques to search for those kinda stuff,.pegi SSF je mase cuti dulu.em...tp org cakap kena beli awal2 coz tak nak rase beban sgt kalo beli segedebuk kan?

    Taken from google.Rizalman's creation.i was like OMG.simple but really nice.that's my aim!

    I like the design.i suka design mcm kat tgn tu

    if like this nice jugak.but looks like baju melayu pon ada?

    This is Camelia's sister.Her baju tunang is what i've been dreaming for my baju tunang!taken from google.maybe i will find baju tunang something like this but with different colour of course.my engagement theme is purple.so change it with lavender/lilac colour instead of white:)

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Lost t-shirt

    Oh zebra print t-shirt.i couldn't find u!why suddenly i lost my memory?i couldn't even remember where i put my t-shirt.i just could remember that i supposed to bring it back to my kampung coz i want to wear it,.i tried to dig all my memories where i kept it..but hampes.x ingat langsung.could it be i'm already old?or suddenly early stages of alzheimer's disease???x nakkk.huuuuuuuu,...tensionn