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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Balik kampung

Its good to be at home again....LOVE IT.Wait this holiday since june u know...huuuu...but tomorrow need to go penang!baru je nak puasa kat kelate ni n nk jenguk2 butik sini.haha.tp takpe.mana2 je pon takpe as long as i'm with my parents,i'm always be happy:)

There is no place like home...Okla.Selamat berpuasa everyone!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

baju tunang part 2

Rase malasnye nk update blog.rase nk tgk blog org je.especially blog org nk kawen.haha.Ok.for updates, last week i went to Jakel to search chiffon for my engagement's dress,.At first i thought i want baju like Camelia's sister but change the colour to lilac/lavender (see my previus post).But then my bf said he likes white n i look better in white for our engangement.hrmm..so tukar plan.jumpa kain chiffon warna putih yg murah jugakla n beli jugak kain plain for lining.masalahnye kain lining tu i terbeli lg mahal dr chiffon tuhh(gigit jari).wuuuu..lari bajet tau,to avoid the dress looking too plain,i have to put beads, crystal,wutever la..but the design still like camelia's sister engagement dress tuu.. so huda..plz help me.design gorgeous baju tunang for me!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Go shopping at Nilai 3

hoyeeehh,my school organized a shopping trip to nilai 3!u know cikgu cikgi ni suka kain2.biasa ah.this is my second time actually,.i had been there few years ago with my family coz that time my mom want to shopping curtains.org ckp situ murah kan kain2.lgpon time tu kitorg duk putrajaya.jd dekat la.huhu. erm,what is interesting about nilai 3?well,this is the place where u can find lots of kain until u can vomit,.huhuh..Nilai 3 is a wholesale centre and a one-stop destination for the bride to-be and u can find lotsa wedding stuff.the place is so big n u can get tired to walk to all the shops.It is better if u can target the place that u wanna go. As for me, i definitely want to check out the wedding shops there.Luckily my friend hanim also is getting married.so she also want to survey with me.
We went to this small shop n found this mini diary.great for gifts too.nice!

This is towel looked like eggs which is so unique,.i havent seen like this b4.I tried to find it at other shops but couldnt.this small shop only selling this stuff,.they have other unique gift too.but i havent take any picture of it,.its a pink pencil but covered the lead with a cover look like an apple.I love this one too.u know la i like pink.huhuhu.bleh buh coklat kot,1 pic 1.90.hmm.survey lg lah.haha

haah.Last2 kami x beli pon,i just bought kain for kenangan2 trip ni je,.em.It is good to survey first.My wedding date is next year so no need to rush anyway.FYI, b4 this i planned to go to jakarta/bandung laa.but i cannot gooooo.T_T..my school didnt allow any staff to go overseas as u know H1N1 case is getting worse.huuu.its oklah.nnti2 lah bleh gi.

oklah,.tomorrow i want to visit the Pameran Pengantin at mdvalley!then i also want to check out the sales at Jakel tuu..pusing2 jln TAR.haha.yey.need to sleep now.daaa