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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i want the greyyy kitten!

soooo cuteee,, i really want this grey cat.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

kazu kura kura..hehe (actually kazue shirakura)

The person in the picture is kazu which is my bestest friend,.all the way from nippon,she is pregnant right now.can't wait to see ur baby,miss u kazu n all our good old memories.cepatlah datang malaysia lagi! i also want to go japan if possible n enough money.hehe,sowri kazu.since secondary school had been trying to save money to go there but still tak cukup-cukup.maybe one day i would be possible to do it..pray for me.i really reallly want to gooooo japannn..!!


yey,i went to bangsar with huda to check out the boutiques which their apparels usually appear in the magazine such as purpledotz, cats whiskers, gossips, little black book n ect...but cannot decide to buy which one n also kinda late arrive there.huhu. then what i found was this simple pieces shirt but chic @ cats whiskers ..;) then i also bought an acriyllic oval beads elastic which i've been eyeing for a long time,huhu.now i got it

pak li's kopitiam

yum yum yummy

me n huda

really hungry after shopping..dunno where to eat as we both did not familiar with the road in kl..so stuffed our stomach with mcd first then off to pak li's kopitiam (our fav place)..hehe..nak makan kat midvalley dah lambat sgt.then pak li je in our mind..but the food was really nice.thats why pak li kopitiam is our favourite..but in klang only..pak li's branch in shah alam is not good as branch in klang..here's the pic

Friday, April 25, 2008

friday i'm in love.

yey its friday!my headache of pressure would definetely calms down coz i would be thinking about rest rest n rest.;).happy thoughts!if no ko-k on saturday i would be much happier.n tomorrow, no ko-k,,hehhee.i must think what should i do for weekend tomorrow.i need something that makes me happy.i don't know if huda can accompany me to go anywhere coz she also have lots of work.still not sms her yet but later i will.even i miss png so much but i cannot go back. have to wait till school holiday.urgh so long to wait for the school holiday. i really miss my parents.my home,my little brother,ohhoih.n definetely my honey.really stressfull being a teacher n stay far away from my loved one.sometimes i just want to scream and yell to get out of my system. to ease my mind, i usually read magazines n of course MCD.thank god mcd is not far away from my house,;)yesterday just went to my fav place.i'm loving it..(^^)can resist choc sundae,yummy.n i have new obsession.big apple doughnuts.being craving since last week,tomorrow i must get आईटी..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my friend's engagement~!

Yesterday i am very suprised that my schoolmate is engaged!how fast n totally shocked everyone.hahaha.just get the msg from mie n then off to shah alam to meet her coz i dunno how to go to ena's house.. have to take mie first as my co-pilot.haha,then we all off to selayang like hell.huhu.just take any baju to go to attend the engagement event..always unpredictable.maybe i did not meet her for a long time since last year.That's why i didnt hear any story from her.Anyway..she's so lovely with the beautiful dress n everything is complete on her.Lucky her fiancee.hehe.congrates the two of u n get marry as soon as possible.cant wait to attend that special day.congrates ena;)