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Sunday, April 27, 2008


yey,i went to bangsar with huda to check out the boutiques which their apparels usually appear in the magazine such as purpledotz, cats whiskers, gossips, little black book n ect...but cannot decide to buy which one n also kinda late arrive there.huhu. then what i found was this simple pieces shirt but chic @ cats whiskers ..;) then i also bought an acriyllic oval beads elastic which i've been eyeing for a long time,huhu.now i got it


kazu said...

cantik baju tu!
saya pun nak pergi Bangsar.
bila saya pergi malaysia,
bawa saya yek!!

ReYNa said...

jommmm pi bangsarr.saya boleh bawak!hehe.nanti if saya pi japan bawak la saya pergi shibuya.