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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waxing again

Another waxing review?hehe.But the place just different. As i mentioned before, i've been transfered to Penang hence it is quite difficult for me to find where is the right place to do it.Now, with the help of Mr. google, i found this place called fluff. Comel namanya n kedai warna pink gitu.iklannya ada gmbar gorilla..hahha!(lupe nak snap).

It is located at Gurney Plaza Penang. The price is little bit pricey like Strip but their service is excellent and i'm satisfied with the result. The question is "does it hurt?".Well it depends on you. I think it is bearable.But what if you are really chicken out?..Don'tworry..They now offers the Pain Free Brazillian. Just invest a little bit more then you'll have the pain free during the waxing. I x add ape2 walaupun die tanya because i think i can handle it ;p. So sape2 yang duk penang tapi x tau nak wax kat mana sila pergi ke fluff.They all bukan setakat wax sahaja tapi boleh jugak buat eyebrow, manicure and pedicure. I think i'm going there again for a second time!konon dah 2 kali proses jadi agak kebal dah nk gi bnyk kali.kesakitan makin kurang kot. Kena pikir beranak lagi berganda sakit dari wat proses yang alaahai small matter.huuuu..

Their products

In the room

click : fluff

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips to Gold Coast

Last entry for Gold Coast story.hehe.Anyway, i just wanna add a few tips to go there.

1. Definitely you'll never be lost there. My return transfer had been arranged by Gold Coast Tour Holiday.I booked through Air Asia.Its easy plus cheaper.

2. If you want to travel to Australia, make sure you apply for ETA.Click here ETA. Just do it through online and they will approve your application in just seconds!

3. Travel around Gold Coast is not a problem. You can decide to ride a bus (can buy their pass at the airport too), hire a cab and rent a car. But i think its cheaper if you ride a bus. They use TOYOTA PRIUS as their cab!my dream car!haha. Eh,. you also can choose the packages provided at your accomodation. Masa i dulu duk kat grand chancellor jadi just book kat tour desk die je.very easy. Check this out: rentthrifty

4. Masuk Australia jangan bawak barangan tenusu, telur and barang-barang yang dilarang sama sekali sbb diorg sgt strict!diorg akan check ingredients satu2 ok.my tuna spread mayonnaise kena rampas because ada telur katanya,.tapi maggi lepas:)

5. nak shopping murah kat gold coast agak susah la melainkan u ols pegi harbour town n minat brand ROXY, COTTON ON, RIP CURL, FOX MONSTER, QUICKSILVER or brg2 surfer..mmg murah la sana.but before that must survey the price in malaysia. Click this http://www.harbourtown.com.au/

6. Makanan halal?senang je mkn sana.berlmbak kot kedai mknn halal. A few i can put here is Ali baba kebab (location dkt ngan hotel mantra), along the way to the beach kat ngan surfer paradise ada beberapa kedai kebab+pizza halal,restoran maharani and Legend Chinese Seafood.jalan je mmg nampak restoran halal tu.

7. How to wear appropriately in GC?No need to do so as GC is sempoi place,.hihi.mat saleh pakai seluar pendek je and their lifestyle sangat best..enjoy je.

8. Try to allocate more money to go here because the exchange rate is about 1 AUD = 3.23178 MYR

Ok.finish..next time i'll update more story but no more gold coast.huhuhu..

I am totally satisfied and love my entire journey there.. Hopefully next time insyaAllah i will visit GC again and do different things as in my list:

a) Seaworld
b) Go up to Q1 observation deck, the highest point in Gold Coast
c) Tangalooma and play with dolphins:p
d) Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What you should do in Gold Coast?

There are so much things to do in GC. I had a limited time there because we stayed for 4 days only. Therefore i need to choose what to do in a very short time. Firstly, Gold Coast have so many accommodation to stay but for me the best is to stay at Surfers Paradise.

Don't forget to walk to the beach. Their sand is very smooth!

shopping at Harbour Town

a very unique experience at Ripleys Believe it or not?

Must go to Movieworld and Dreamworld

If you are a fan of theme park, therefore Gold Coast is your ultimate guilty pleasure!

Pat my favourite wildlife..oh..don't forget to cuddle a koala too

go sees everything! walk to their beach at night and the shops around

1. Night market is also available on Wednesday night.
2. Visit the tourism information centre to get everything you can do in Gold Coast.
3.For girls plz buy Cleo magazine version Australia. I bought it and inside have free ROXY dress!
4. I felt i wanna go there again because i have not visit sea world yet!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gold Coast Part 4

Dreamworld. Another theme park in Gold Coast that you should not be missed. It is the largest theme park with over 27 rides including 4 roller coaster. The park is made up of several themed lands : Ocean Parade, Nick Central (where you can find Spongebob and Patrick), Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Rocky Hollow, Tiger Island and the Australian Wildlife experience.

Many Malaysians love to come here too. We asked another Malaysian to take our picture. If not the pictures would be always me only or my hubby only.huhu

Oh my..this is the Giant Drop.ngeri nak naik

hi tigers!

This is very rare white tiger!

You will hardly find any stray dogs or cats but you can easily find many birds around you in Gold Coast. Anyway, this pigeon wanted to eat my hubby's fries

Yeay!! I met Spongebob and Patrick in person!love them.

The entrace to Dreamworld

p/s:I bought the World Pass and get cheaper price because the World Pass lets you hop between Dreamworld & WhiteWater

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gold Coast Part 3

Movieworld!This place cannot be missed!Its certainly give you wonderful experience especially people who loves cartoon character and rides.Just look at my pictures:0

YEahhh...i'm at MOVIEWORLD

Superman ride yang sungguh ngeri i nak naik.sorry lagi 10 tahun kena kumpul keberanian

Whats up doc?

My hubby tunjuk keberanian naik Batman ride.giler takut i mau naik

At wildwild west

Ben & Jerry's ni sangat sedapp

Hollywood stunt.Their performance are wayyy too cool..i love their stunt!Besides they make it like acting.berbaloi-baloi tengok

look at the deco of the tree..looks like a carrot isn't?

One day i will take my kids to ride on this..so cool and fun to see their kids screaming comel

alalala...sylvester cat

i could not take pictures with them...so rugiii..masa nak gi tgkap diorg dh ckp last pic dah..sedeyyy


Batman forever

p/s: I missed Movieworld

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gold Coast Part 2

We arrived at Coolangatta Airport on 8 am. The weather was good and we were so ready to start our programme that day because we had limited time to spend our time. So,we went to our hotel first to check in by Gold Coast Tour Holiday transport which i booked through Air Asia.
Di dalam van Gold Coast Tour Holiday

All the way to hotel and we saw their sidewalk grass is like carpet grass!takde lalang2 nih.huhu

Previously i was afraid that hotel will not let us check in because usually most hotel can be check in after 12 pm.huhu .Thank God, they let us check in early..Credit to this hotel..Hotel Grand Chancellor (formerly known as Courtyard by Marriot). After we managed to rest for a while in the room, we decided to take a walk around Surfers paradise.

We ate Kebab as our first meal in Gold Coast.hihi. Its delicious!There were many kebab restaurant which is halal. Besides, they also generous to add on many vegetables, cheese and etc.. emm. delish!It is big enough and maybe can be share for two person! The price for this kebab is 9 dollars which is RM21.phew....plz don't convert to RM. Unfortunately, i tertumpahkan my kebab itu coz tangan gataiiiii..huhuhuhu.siannn hubbyyyy...nasib baik dah mkn half, Its too big for me i guess.

On the way to Harbour Town for shopping heaven

heaven! Rubi shoes around 5 dollars...oh.. Cotton On was having extravagant sale too sampai jumpa short cuma 7 dollars?huuuuu..rugi lak x beli .

On the way back to hotel

We kept our things we bought then off to the beach!

Before that we took pictures first.Oh..Our hotel is just beside Hard Rock Cafe

Peaceful night with so many wild sea birds

Best..tu je leh kata :)

To be continued again..;p