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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is Monday,.,.Salam Maal Hijrah

Salam Maal Hijrah.:)Actually today me n my friend masnie want to lepak at tmn tasik titiwangsa with my other friend, najmiyah a.k.a mie,.but since mie could not hang out with with us due to her family from trg want to jln2 at klcc,so its just me n masnie je lah.

because its already late, my picture kinda looked so blur n dark

Dunno where to eat, so i decided to eat at old town white coffe,danau kota. masnie said their garlic bread n ice blended is delicious..so i tried.n yess..the ice blended mocha was really freakin delicious..thanx to masnie coz introduce this yummy ice blended..kalah starbucks

lepaking n taking pictures at old town white coffee..gonna miss masnie after this coz she got posting to sarawak.huuuu

penang oh penang

bestnye balik penang haritu.coz i could go to the beach,n meet doraemon.huhuh

nanananannanananananaaa ang ang ang tottemo daisuki,doraemon

everytime i went back to png, i wouldn't miss the view of the png bridge

Monday, December 15, 2008

Perfect pizza?

I've watched food paradise in astro.its about pizza in america.I couldnt help thinking about those pizza.especially chicago style..the top n famous chicago styled pizzas are Giordano's n Uno's.Erm..dunno what is the difference between stuffed pizza and pizza deep dish..it looks like a pie.pot pie pizza.I was like so interested with this kind of pizza..I think in malaysia doesnt have pizza like this.so mouth-watering.grr..nape ni kuat nafsu makan

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My creation "simple maxi dress"

Another dress for this holiday..then i would rest n wait for other holiday.

how it look like

wear this dress with lacey top.i want to wear this dress for a special event/occasion like kenduri kawen.boleh ke?huhu.tell me is it suitable or not

babai kucing

hey..i'm in penang rite now..bye2 mama..bye2 adik2 ku..bye2 rumahku di kelantan..skang ngan papa ku laa kt png.huuuuu..ehh..bye2 kucing putih a.k.a snowyy..huuu.rinduu

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


wearing inai for fun.hehe.i've got henna in tube from my aunt so i decided to decorate my hand..my mom also want it too.hehe..its been soo long i haven't put my nails with henna..i think since i was in primary school.tetibe mcm seronok.mcm nk kawen.Those hands without henna were my little brothers.saje sebok2.


hahah..coz i dont have pet so i kidnapped my neighbour's cat!haha.actually this cat love to come to my house especially while her owner went back to their kampung..my jiran smlm balik kg sbb raya haji kot..thats why laa this cute cat playing around in my house..best2..sbb kucing ni macam kucing azreen yang hilang dulu..(snowy)huuu.bile ni nk ada kucing sendirii

Sunday, December 7, 2008

its raining

its raining all the time while i'm driving from png to kltn...so wet.so cold n i don't have to turn on the fan.grrr..mandi pon sejuk.huuuu..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My creation "polka dot top"

Hey hoo..i've finished my project DIY!based on topshop/miss selfridge design.sigh* i wore it today to watch bolt movie.hehe.i finally can sew my own puffy sleeves which i wanted!though it did not look perfect but its ok.thanks to my mom for her great instructions.After this i want to learn how to make long puffy sleeves..my mom knows how to do it,thank god i have my great GURU without having to attend sewing class.haha

Today is Thursday

Today we went to watch Bolt movie at Sunway Carnival Mall.Before that i promised my little brothers that i would treat them with pizza..huhu

my little brothers n him eating

Bolt Movie,,..the wovie was ok n fun coz of that chubby hamster but to me it still could not beat Madagascar 2 .my bf told me he loved bolt movie because he has a cat name Eceh which looks like Mittens in the movie.,haha,..

Finally i bought this stuff!along with other products such as mascara, heat protector,lotion n others which all total up more than RM50.If i want to get the price of the 10 in 1 styler which cost RM129, i must spend RM50 n above..okla.coz i could get all that i wanted..broke again,,huwaaaa

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuti2 Malaysia

Yesterday i went to zoo taiping with my friends(zoo taiping is houses of exotic animals).gosh.so much fun.our madagascar's fever still havent finish yet as we all always talking about alex, gloria, marty, melman, n king julien!haha,especially yan la..suka sangat badak air.best taiping.so i would not regret this trip.great,lucky those who lived in taiping.oh,n .i think this is my cuti2 malaysia too.hehe.as i'm in holiday rite now.

beruang matahari,,apa dia buat??...dia tengah berak.hheee..clever this bear.

finding kutu as chimpanzee
orang utan

ok.i want to buy this kanggaroo
elephants..soo cute
this is melman

then we felt really hungry after walking around the zoo.so we decided to eat at old town white coffe at taiping sentral..then, off to burmese pool to ease our mind at the waterfall.so refreshing n very cold water..no pics taken coz we forgot to bring camera
haha, berlumba itik at lake garden.hehe.we could have beautiful n tonned leg after we ride this stuff.

went back to png and arrived at 9.50pm.After that, we went straight to Queensbay!why?coz i want to watch TWILIGHT laaa!too bad i came in late n the movie had already started,.tak puas.after this i would buy the DVD of course..:)damn hawt vampires..kirsten also very good as bella,.hehe.
i couldnt help flipping the pages of this sensual adult romance madly..i think the book must have spell casted on them..edward cullen.He's Every Girl's dream.If he loves you, he won't kill you. Gotta love that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ultimate guilty pleasure

big apple..its all about chocolate

yeyeyeye..!my bf bought two sequel after twilight just for me!!new moon n eclipse.huhu..the last one is breaking dawn.he promised to buy it later..huhu.its greatt.i'mmm soooo loving it..its my ultimate guilty pleasure..oohh..:)

Home for the holiday

i like this ad..coz i love her skirt very much

trying to imitate gwyneth paltrow's ad for estee lauder.haha..takde keje.tmpat shooting pic pon xde.hehe.but hey..that flowers my mom gave to me as for decoration in my room:)i think i wanna have pink n white theme for my wedding theme.haha

Friday, November 21, 2008

Madagascar:escape 2 Africa n twilight!yippiee!!!

YEY!!!today i've watched MADAGASCAR:ESCAPE 2 AFRICA with my little brothers!they asked me to belanja tgk wayang.huhu.Thank God the movie was veryyy good n soo funny:)great movie!

me wearing new grey baxter skinny jeans from TOPSHOP:)

syafiq, boboy n baby..eh.ada lg..bencik.he's not in the picture.huhu

its TWILIGHT!!bought this book today after watched the review in Astro last two days..ooohhhh..i can't wait to read this book!The movie will be release in Malaysia soon,i think 27th nov..Hoping to finish this book before the time would come.yeyeyyeye..i'm happy:)cant wait to watch robert pattinson..he's cedric diggory in harry potter.huhuhu

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ever wish to have a sister?

i wish to have sister..both younger sister or older sister.i'm always envy those people who have sisters,,they make fun, talking,gossiping or shopping together..being a single daughter is boring sometimes.with brothers like i have rite now..oh Tuhan.so BORINGGGGGG.i dont say that i'm not grateful but this is what i feel rite now,,miserable n lonely,.its haunting me:`(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Kak fiza n Kak Husna

Tg Karang is the place where these two wedding were held.I've never been there so i decided to attend their wedding.Its quite far from Klang n the journey took 1 1/2 hour to be arrived,Nasib baik rumah diorg agak dekat kt tg karang tu...so i don't have much problem to go there,Kak Fiza@Cikgu Hafizah is my colleague at SKC1 while Kak Husna was my classmate during KPLI.yey..diorg dh kawen..me? ntah..their age were just 1 year older than me.huuuu.so maybe next time its my turn rite.just wait.huhuh

lovely Cikgu Hafizah..she used green and white theme:)

Oh Kak Husna also used green theme for her wedding..:) she look slimmer la.almost 1 year we haven't met.tup2 dh kawennn

School holidays has begun,n definitely december is the month where people love to get married.i've got invitation to ena's wedding.she's my friend during high school n i'm soo looking forward to attend her wedding.yeay!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I love weekend

On last Saturday,me n fana hang out n went to bombshell showpink bazaar which is located in bangsar..YEYY..FANA DROVE!haha,1st time naik keta dia bwk,ok2,.,.cekap2..which is good to survive in KL actually.hehe

after tried out many clothes,only one dress i bought.haha.fana too.why?we were stressed because only one fitting room available!n other customers also want to try out their chosen clothes,.ishh.other reason coz most of the clothes were quite expensive for us,hehe

Actually, i also bought these vintage clothes from a friend, farahkimi:).but the yellow top is not what i want due to wrong code.but its ok,..i would wear it too anyway,.cute ape

Then, off to OU coz fana need to kerja at 3rd flyniversary.while waiting the event to start, i walk around OU n decided to buy heels to attend my friend's wedding on the next day.haha

not much choice so i bought these mustard heels..

PRESENT FOR DEARIE FANA..SORRY I REALLY JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.MUST READ OK?x sedap pon kena BACA..this book is good for summer reading.eh,.,malaysia ada summer ke?always summer rite,haha

at 3rd flyniversary.

awesome event!Thanks fana coz inviting me..haha

Friday, November 14, 2008

My brother got 5A's!

Yesterday UPSR's result has finally come out!My school as always achieved great achievement.the number of girls who got 5A's is quite many.even pupils who we expected could not get 5A's also achieved 5A's!i've heard the rumours said UPSR's question had been revealed to pupils before the UPSR has started n some said they even spread the answers too!..whoaa..dunno laa.soalan bocor2 ni...my school didnt get the question la.but this rumour was so popular n even my auntie from kltn called me to ask about that,.she's a teacher too.n smpai skang we all didnt know who spread the answers to pupils..only guess je.

ok..enough this..i just want to annouce that my brother also took this exam n he got 5A's!i'm soo happy..:)he don't know nothing about soalan bocor ni,heh,.,.his great sister laa yg ajar n paksa belajar.berbaloi laa balik png n tgk die belajar..huhu.apa2 pun what i know on december i need to belanja him n give him some money to celebrate his great achievemnt..i'm soo proud of uu syafiq!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hari Kanak-Kanak

Today my school organized Children's Day.. it was fun n we could watch our pupils show off their talent..mostly they performed dancing where they tried to imitate their favourite movie ..High School Musical:)
ala2 HSM3
loads of food..
from left cikgu nik, cikgu anita n me,.cikgu anita ni macam adibah noor.hehe

after hari kanak2, i went to little india to hunt cheap saree.i've been told by the clerk of my school that she found great bargain of sarees there.ada yg 12 rggt gak..haha.so i went there with her..dh lama teringin nk pi,.tp p yg dekat2 je..anyway, the place is very near to my school.i just walk to go to the saree shops..

Little India at Jalan Tengku Kelana

Saree shop.there were tones of sarees at little india which is cheap.My aim is the cheap one la coz the most beautiful n extravagant sarees are expensive!but if u go here during deepavali or diwali, most of the shops will offer a great price of sarees n very cheap. haritu i x pegi la.huhu

i purchased 2 sarees!green saree n fancy flower saree.cheap..coz it is 6 metres.hehe.