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Thursday, December 4, 2008

My creation "polka dot top"

Hey hoo..i've finished my project DIY!based on topshop/miss selfridge design.sigh* i wore it today to watch bolt movie.hehe.i finally can sew my own puffy sleeves which i wanted!though it did not look perfect but its ok.thanks to my mom for her great instructions.After this i want to learn how to make long puffy sleeves..my mom knows how to do it,thank god i have my great GURU without having to attend sewing class.haha


shea said...

ur so lucky!!!u can learn 2 sew 4m ur mom!i looove sewing.but just haven't got d tym to enter sewing class..sob2..nway,cute top u made!

ReYNa said...

haha..thanks!but the truth is sewing is tiring actually.for a beginner like me..huhu..

farahkimi said...

that can be considered as good for a beginner!i ni bila la nak mula kan.cis

ReYNa said...

hahah..baju tu pon senget gak sbenarnya..sbb tetibe cam malas bile x elok.haa,.u can start anytime u want,as long u rajin n ada mood baikk punya mesti leh jahit,hheehe