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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Balik kampung

yes..i'm in kelantan right now.arrived at 10pm.the road was not so bz as compared to last year where i had experienced the road with loads of cars all the way from seremban to kltn..haha.,it could be many other perantau like me had already went balik kampung since yesterday n early in the morning..huu..takpa la..syoknyaa can meet my mama,papa..syafiq,baby n boboy.then my house.my bed.my lovely room..so nice..n the best thing..i could fasting with them n celebrate hari raya too,,yeay!

ooohhh my sweet sweet bed..i missed uuuuuuuuuuuu

Hari Nilai Murni

apa itu hari nilai murni?hari nilai murni adalah hari untuk mengamalkan nilai murni..hehe.i'm as the head of that hari nilai murni and was proudly managed the day.haaha.takde pape pon..before this i also managed the same event.cuma hari nilai murni kali ni was a little bit special la coz ada sewing activity.huhu..the day went well but a few problems occured while giving the free food to pupils..huhu..takpaa2.take it as a challenge that need to be learn...:)

me with pupils

bz sewing

oooohhh so nice la..wish i could have time to do this..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

jalan-jalan @ bijou bazaar+pavillion+sesat+Carls jr

me n fana went to bijou bazaar on sunday but not so interesting laa..maybe coz on sunday there were few stalls opened.but we found cute pumps!yeay!huhuh..i wish there would have more stalls laa so i can shop more.sbb boring tatau nak pi mana jadi we went to pavillion pulak,,
me in front burberry

i love these pumps..

fana: sedapnya fries kat carls jr.....huhu

my fries teeth:)

coz terliur dengan iklan yang farahkimi buat..jadi kami nak jugak buke pose kat carls jr...hahahaa...tapi mencabar btol nk g sana,..,sesat2..apalaa co-pilot ni..haha.._----->refer to fana

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good luck to all UPSR candidates

today is the first day for UPSR..i have a brother who took this exam.I hope he will do his best n applied all the knowledge he learnt from his teachers..i also teach him too.hehehe. not to be forgotten.. to all year 6 pupils of convent (1),good luck in ur UPSR!

Monday, September 8, 2008

new haircut

haha..Guess what? I had a new haircut last sunday! Yay!i need to cut it coz my hair was terribly freezing n uncontrollable especially after school.huhuhu.. i managed to squeeze in some time to go to the saloon to get a new haircut n treatment for my hair.but i still felt soo sayangg la tocut it..i had rebonding treatment a few months back n due to so malas nk g treatment jadilah rambutku yg ntah apa2.tambah2 jadi oily scalp plak...lagilaa x best..then,my decision...just cut it..!but tak la potong bnyak pon..just layer it n cut a fringe on front.hmm,.,..takleh wat bangs coz my face chubby lor,haha. then buat treatment..barulaa ringan kepala tauuuu lepas dah buat..bestnya ada org shampoo2 n urut kepala..huhu..

i've experienced oily scalp n hair loss before i went to saloon...to prevent this from becoming worst,i need to do regular treatment..that means...money money money goo awayyy..huuhu..takpelah.pelaburan.so any idea to help me find the solution??takde??haaa...confirm kena g salun dah ni..huahuahua