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Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking for Wedding Invitation Card Design

I spent the whole day today searching for a wedding invitation card design which is elegant n afordable.My father made a request to choose kad wangi. Huhu. classic!I never thought my wedding card would be kad wangi. He said he want to give the card to all his relatives/friends so that the fragrance card will make them remember my wedding. haha. Dulu2 selalu dapat kad wangi kan. I will consider his request though i'm a bit cerewet. If i cannot find the design i like then i'll choose the other card. While i'm googling, i found a few designs that simply caught my eyes. The designs of this elegant wedding invitations range from classic embossed to contemporary . My wedding theme is pink+ivory.So my card would be white,pink cream or combination of them. I heart these designs.

Took the pic from brideinmaking :). Kad die pon lebih kurang mcm ni tp rebennya warna merah.

ilikecard2..gulp.comey lahh.cuteness

simple but nice

Forgot the link but i like this card. tp mahai aa


Rajaweddingcard. shantek n nice

LHcreative ..simple n afforfdable

aaaaa..so many designs i like.Need double thinking to find the best n the most important must below my budget:).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trial makeup

Today i went for trial makeup at the boutique i've booked recently for my upcoming big day.I still having sore throat n flu so my face looked terrible.the session was not flow smoothly as i always need to cough plenty of times.i felt horrible!coz during makeup session we need to stay sit n just relax.But i couldnt relax!the 'gatalness' in my throat was freaking me out.uurghh...kesian pak andam tu layan aku.mata aku asyik berair je,,sedih.,,huuu,But patience are satisfying..in the end, the result was good!compared to my previous e-day makeup i like this one better..aku sangat suke n trus ckp yes la kat pak andam ni!

saje tngkap gamba before makeup.I simply put on mosturiser n very miminum compact powder.tp nmpak cam org sakit.ehh.aku mmg tgh sakit pon.

the result of the day!ohh la la i like it.

Maybe u can find a lot of makeup artists at Kl but here in kelantan the choices are limited.plus i'm working at klang so its hard for me to go back to my kampung many times . Only through internet i could find the searching n hunting for wedding preparation.I'm hoping on my big day 11 n 12 june ,the pak andam can make me pretty like this or better!;p

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My fiance's birthday

My fiance's birthday was on 9th February.Therefore i suprised him with a present n belanja makan at TGI Friday.He never expected me to do that coz he always thought me of being so kedekut.hahahhaha.anyway.about kedekut mmg i kedekut.tp ade sebab.ape sebabnye.rahsie la.huhu.but to spend on him i'll never kedekut.cuma kena reasonable ngan my kemampuan la.coz before this we were far to celebrate together n just wish only.. but this year i thought it would be special coz he's my fiance now so why not i treat him like a king?here's the pic on his birthday.only us together baru romantic sikittt.N nasib baik i tak suh staf2 TGI torture die.hihihih

take a picture for a memorable day..oopss....he's wearing my present.cute!:P

my meal.sizzling chicken cheese.doesn't look appealing but it tastes superb.

his meal.jack daniel steak.request to change the sauce to black pepper sauce.

his birthday cake..yummm..huhhu.actually it is called mud pie choc.melt heavenly in your mouth!like an ice cream u know!delicious n unforgettable.gonna eat this again in future:)

Oh.i think there were many people at TGI that day who celebrate their birthday there.We saw the staffs of TGI cheered n made a loud noise to torture them.hahhaa.thank god my fiance refused to be tortured by them.At first i wanted him to be tortured too but then x jadi la.kesian die,hhaha

Anyway, tu je nk cite.haha.This is just my minor update coz lately my tenet is so lembs.okla.need to sleep.tomorrow i have to meet up the bridal boutique for discussion.orait.daaaa