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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm back to work with lots of things to do.Now, i'm officially engaged.yahoo:)

love my dress

jgn x tau ni hantaran diy tau

sedih time ni.u judge la lawa ke makeup n rmbut i tu,but i love love love my dress!

nervous n so embarrassed.rase cam artis

ada sesi sarung cincin lelaki la
both parents

hahaha.sekali tgk mcm nangis

mcm kawen laks.kami tunang baruuu



uuuu.nk tembak rmbut.

fana yg x betoi

i'm not so satisfied with my makeup n my hair.i think i looked like japanese women/indonesian actress or in between.tapi nk wat camne tu la bajet murahan.huhuuu..takpelah.next year kawen must find better mak andam .but overall this is my great experience.sgt berterimakasih kepada semua yg hadir n the most important is i dah jadi tunangan orang!:))))

Sunday, December 20, 2009

engagement preparation

oh.now i just realize there's only 1 more week to go for my e-day.uhohouh.suddenly,i felt so nervous.tau x i x prepare ape pon .duk melangut je kat umah study tgk buku pengantin.oh,x leh jadi.lantas kena gi KB cepat2.so lets find out what i must check before i forgot.

1)Search for alas dulang.(before this i borrowed from my friend,but cannot be used coz my mom dislike it.me too felt its not suitable with our theme)

2)buy artificial flowers at SSF/KBmegalace for hantaran decoration

3)ask secret recipe for customade cake.apa perisa yg sedap ek selain cheesecake n sesuais for hantaran?)

4)visit salon for hair treatment/manicure.tapi manicure rasenye wat b4 tunang lah

5)extra chocolate for backup as my auntie promise me to sponsor it.but i just want to have back up if anything happen la

6)Hunt the veil.still cannot find it,last resort..must rent it from the boutique

Hope everything goes well

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Purple dramatic

My engagement date is around the corner.I'm really excited n cannot wait for the date,but frankly speaking, i'm feeling nervous too...phew.That means sooner i'll be somebody's fiance(still cannot believe it).hihi.Anyway,i'm in holiday rite now so i can prepare for the event.I'm thinking to diy for the hantaran although i just want it t be as easy n simple ceremony.My engangement theme would be purple and white as purple is my always favourite colour besides pink..As i told u before my engangement dress is white,but i add purple pinkish beads along the neck to ensure it blends well with my purple/white themed..n ohh,,i just got my dress from my tailor a few weeks before!and i'm totally satisfied with it.nanti i review the baju la.jahitan cantik n sgt kemas maniknye,thumbs up for kak la (the tailor) for making my dress beautiful for me:)

here i found something interesting from the net to ease your eyes.

love it.From projectwedding

cute pic taken from weddingchicks

(baju tunangku warna putih,jadi nak veil putih campur manik purple.ada ke ek?ingat nk sewa je tp taktau ade ke x.huhu0oo)