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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Purple dramatic

My engagement date is around the corner.I'm really excited n cannot wait for the date,but frankly speaking, i'm feeling nervous too...phew.That means sooner i'll be somebody's fiance(still cannot believe it).hihi.Anyway,i'm in holiday rite now so i can prepare for the event.I'm thinking to diy for the hantaran although i just want it t be as easy n simple ceremony.My engangement theme would be purple and white as purple is my always favourite colour besides pink..As i told u before my engangement dress is white,but i add purple pinkish beads along the neck to ensure it blends well with my purple/white themed..n ohh,,i just got my dress from my tailor a few weeks before!and i'm totally satisfied with it.nanti i review the baju la.jahitan cantik n sgt kemas maniknye,thumbs up for kak la (the tailor) for making my dress beautiful for me:)

here i found something interesting from the net to ease your eyes.

love it.From projectwedding

cute pic taken from weddingchicks

(baju tunangku warna putih,jadi nak veil putih campur manik purple.ada ke ek?ingat nk sewa je tp taktau ade ke x.huhu0oo)


Anonymous said...

reyna..cpat upload pic of the dress..mesti cantik kan lagi2 tn punye bdan pon suke..

ReYNa said...

x leh review lg.hihi.sbb nk upload masa tunang lah br suprise.simple je bj,mcm design yg diinginkan n suka sgt beads die:)

Anonymous said...

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Happy Preparing for ur big day dear!!!