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Sunday, December 20, 2009

engagement preparation

oh.now i just realize there's only 1 more week to go for my e-day.uhohouh.suddenly,i felt so nervous.tau x i x prepare ape pon .duk melangut je kat umah study tgk buku pengantin.oh,x leh jadi.lantas kena gi KB cepat2.so lets find out what i must check before i forgot.

1)Search for alas dulang.(before this i borrowed from my friend,but cannot be used coz my mom dislike it.me too felt its not suitable with our theme)

2)buy artificial flowers at SSF/KBmegalace for hantaran decoration

3)ask secret recipe for customade cake.apa perisa yg sedap ek selain cheesecake n sesuais for hantaran?)

4)visit salon for hair treatment/manicure.tapi manicure rasenye wat b4 tunang lah

5)extra chocolate for backup as my auntie promise me to sponsor it.but i just want to have back up if anything happen la

6)Hunt the veil.still cannot find it,last resort..must rent it from the boutique

Hope everything goes well

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