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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dine @ dave's deli

i love to eat here.coz of their yummilicious mashed potato..n now we r trying other menu

don't u dare drink my precious ice lemon tea!ahhahh

ey makan!jgn titoo

i want to eat ur mix grill!

don't u dare eat my precious lasagnaa...erkk...eyyy..ini pisau anis yg sebok.;)huhu

Monday, August 25, 2008

hang out with my brothers

we went to the curve again.haha.favourite place la kononnya..tp objective utama coz i want to buy duckies for my mom

oh de..why u look so gelap?haha

subangku hilang!

birdie birdie

meow2 duckies2

ish ish ish

why today i'm so malang aa.huuu..today kena saman sbb parking x byr.hu..selama ni x kena pon tp sbb cimb bengong tu time nk p amik duit time tu la br org cimb nk tergedek2 bubuh duit dlm atm...patotla...x pasal kena saman..haha.salah aku jugak..ish gerammmmm..takde rezeki..ada hikmah ni,mengajar ku supaya byr parking keta.huahuahu...then call that man who supposely transfer all my data from my laptop plk ckp my laptop couldn't be taken tonight..br je berangan nk tgk blk blk laptop..ish...haa ni plak borrow pc from my bf..all the way from png.huhu..tp prob nya lembab la tenet kt umah ni...ym pon tak dpt la download,,tergedek2 mcm siput..x dptler ym.takpelah,,nasib baik leh pkai meebo,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

no mood

no mood this month..so less post in my blog,,rest dulu n wait for my laptop to be done..but i dont want to repair it,too much cost,n i need money for savings.huhu..rite now using my father's laptop as i'm in png..laaaaa maleh balik klanggg.counting days until sunday.:(

Friday, August 15, 2008

happy happy holiday

hooray hooray its a holi holiday,,,eeee..syoknyaa,,but i need to take care of my brother who will be having UPSR this year.Even i'm in holiday i'm still teaching but..with different pupils..hehe,my own brothers.

what is the best part about school holiday?this is because i can go home and ohh my own ,my family ,my younger brother,my bf. bla bla blaa..everything i missed so much during my survival in klang...huaaa..tak nak balik klang..tak nak kejeee

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gossip Girl

I love the clothes in Gossip Girl. It’s cool how they’re all differentiated for each character. Serena’s, as they said, “rolled out of bed". The thing with Serena’s character is that she is so gorgeous that she would good in ANYTHING n i really love her hair!extremely bouncy n sexy.Blair’s style is more classic, clean lines, “Audrey Hepburn.” I love most of her clothes in this drama coz her look is more my style (erk..takla sangat,haha) but I can’t say I can carry it as well as her.She can wear something that looks too mature for her age but make it more youthful with her headbands. I’m crazy for headbands right now. wink wink*before this i hate wearing headbands coz i thought that my face looked bigger as my face is so chubby.haha

I think i'm addicted to gossip girls..especially their colourful, stylish outfit,handbags,shoes, headbands n scandalous drama.sebenarnya mie, my fren yg ajar tgk haha.even my housemate kak shida also love this show coz i persuade her to watch this drama.tengokk.kak shida pon addicted ngan cite ni.haha...