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Sunday, September 27, 2009

make-up and hair style for engagement

i'm searching for anyone who can do make up/hair style n also mini pelamin for my engagement day.But it seemed so hard to find good choice here as my kg is not KL but still KL in short form..Kubang Lebur,.what a name.huhu.so i just booked the bridal boutique on last raya where i can see this butik is so laku there.dunno whether the mak andam can do make-up like what i want.hopefull she can.so my kerja for 2 months before the day is to google n show the pics to her,hehe..i loike these pics:

very simple makeup.boleh ke org kg aku buat simple2?takut jadi mcm tepung gomak je,hope2 x la putih melepuk sgt.mcm ni pon dh ok kan?anyway it's just for my engagement day only :))

love hairstyle for brides.just add fresh flowers to the hair n u will look like a sweet princess.If I could wear my hair like that everyday, I would.


there are many websites out there that have great galleries of hot looks for engagement/wedding day style. After this i will try to update what i like for mini pelamin:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Balik Kampung 2009

Hi.,time to blk kg..off to klntn after sahur n safely arrived at 2.00 pm.Alhamdulilah.Eventho the cars were so many starting from bentong, we still managed to arrive quite early(thank god).It is normal anyway if u want to balik kelantan 2 days before raya festive.hihi.
While driving definitely u want to listen to balik kg song n hari raya songs rite,but my car asyik2 mcm susah nk dgr lagu la .thot maybe no coverage or cannot find the freq but now i knew why suddenly i cannot listen to radio clearly..u know someone stole my car's antenna...dem,patot x leh dgr,huuu.takpelah.cobaan..

oklah.malas nak tension dah.,hari raya nk dekat.so i dedicate this song to all the perantau like me :).Wish U aLL SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa MaaF ZahiR dan Batin

Balik Kampung

Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
Yang selalu bermain di mata
Nun menghijau gunung ladang dan rimba
Langit nan tinggi bertambah birunya
Deru angin turut sama berlagu
Semuanya bagaikan turut gembira
Balik kampung oh oh...( 3X )Hati girangHo ho... Balik kampung (3X)Hati girang
Terbayang wajah-wajah yang ku sayang
Satu-satu tersemat di kalbu
Pasti terubat rindu di hati
Menyambut kepulangan ku nanti( ulang dari mula )