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Thursday, May 29, 2008

my family

This is part of my family..sempat lagi tangkap gambar after dinner at KFC.heee..kuala krai dah ada KFC.maju sket,hehe

my mom's gift to me

i just got back for holiday n my mom gave me a present!huhu.never thought about it..so meaningful ..mama mmg best!

a gift from my mama

Thanks mama..n i love u too .;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


just looking at these cupcakes i feel want to eat

so pretttyyy..pandainya nic.i like that smiley face n frosty cupcakes

for teacher's day..i want it tooo

If u r in Terengganu n love to eat cupcakes..here i introduce u one of my fren's blog where u can find not only good looks n pretty cupcakes but definitely heavenly yummy,hehe..(nic..bayar la royalti i promote nih). :)..i just grabbed three pics.if u want to see more just visit her blog.okey..


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

jalan-jalan ngan masnie

We Love Secret Recepi's cake

Ni Muke seposen ~"masnie cakap",haha

Having a great time with masnie! Actually before this we went to a stall which served a delicious char kue teow somehere at Setapak..near by azreen's house(azreen was my bf's cousin)..after finished our meal we went to town .. jalan2 pusing klcc n decided to stopped at titiwangsa.then .,suddenly someone at the back hit masnie's car !!,we both so shocked coz we all macam ke depan.it was a bad day for masnie.the guy who hit masnie's car pon mcm blur2 je..mesti berkhayal tu!..nasib baik la takde pape keta masnie tu,,at first i thought must be kemek or something la.but then we checked nothing happen.,huhu,calar cket je...later habis tenangkan diri dlm keta we went to secret recipe coz we both mmg suke makan kek.hehehe..masnie,,sabar je laaa ..

Friday, May 16, 2008

HaPPy Teacher's Day!

Happy TeacHer's Day To aLL the teachERs in the woRld....bestnya 1st time i celebrate this day as a real teacher.Today we've had so much fun, ada persembahan murid (siap ada high school musical lagi,,haha), makan2, telematch (games for the teachers at convent 1) n the most exciting time for teachers mestila dapat banyak present from our pupils..terharunya budak2 ni nak jugak bagi hadiah to me eventhough i've always scold the pupils n yell like crazy to them.today i really had a gud time n now heres the pic.not so many coz i dont have digital camera.sad coz not so many pictures taken..but its okla.:)

On the left,boria perfomance by pupils of sk convent (1) klang n on the right pic was the performance by pupils year 2(handled by me,..but it turned out kucar-kacir..haha)

Presents that i've got from the pupils.the pinky tote bag excluded.hehe,that one is mine, see the presents..lots of pinky things.my school is a girls school..convent..u know,girls like pinky2,huhu

nih time we all the teachers of sk convent (1) having tea time at Hotel UITM..the food there quite okla,..makannnn je until tak boleh masuk dh dlm perut.haha

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boboy the black cat

This is Boboy a very shy n bisu cat which is belong to mie's sister.look..he's trying to run away from me..heee..hug die.susah nya nk dengar suaranya.

Friday, May 9, 2008

dorothy perkins

i've got this oh so cute shirt from dorothy perkins at only RM33!!
n i also bought this white bag..murah.cannot tahan la.;)


This is how it looks like when i tried this shirt

Thanx MIE coz sudi temaning me to seremban,
shopping n eat

Thursday, May 8, 2008

convocation day

today i suppose to have my convocation at IPRM.But unfortunately, i can't make it.coz my family cannot go due to syafiq have to attend classes for upsr, n me myself feel like don't want to..hurm.i had a troubled day during my kpli n i don't want to meet the person i did not favour..sounds like i'm a moody person rite,yeah i am a moody person..but i have reason to hate someone,once dh terkena susah la me to like them back.haha.sigh.its okey lah if i dont have the chance to wear the jubah or receive the dip from yg dipertuanbesar n9.i dont care..reallyy.coz i've already graduated from USM and had the chance wearing the jubah,.lg best.coz my family was there too,.n i love usm so much. then surrounded with my frens which we've got so many memories together.really miss usm.hehe..back to iprm again.tomorrow i will have my cuti rehat khas.yey..i am sick n tired with lots of work in my school.thats why i need cutiii.then tomorrow morning i need to go seremban to ask about my diploma.i asked mie to come along n teman me to go there.tak la boring kan drive sorang from klang.so...hello tomorrow n once again to serembannnnn!

Saturday, May 3, 2008