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Thursday, May 8, 2008

convocation day

today i suppose to have my convocation at IPRM.But unfortunately, i can't make it.coz my family cannot go due to syafiq have to attend classes for upsr, n me myself feel like don't want to..hurm.i had a troubled day during my kpli n i don't want to meet the person i did not favour..sounds like i'm a moody person rite,yeah i am a moody person..but i have reason to hate someone,once dh terkena susah la me to like them back.haha.sigh.its okey lah if i dont have the chance to wear the jubah or receive the dip from yg dipertuanbesar n9.i dont care..reallyy.coz i've already graduated from USM and had the chance wearing the jubah,.lg best.coz my family was there too,.n i love usm so much. then surrounded with my frens which we've got so many memories together.really miss usm.hehe..back to iprm again.tomorrow i will have my cuti rehat khas.yey..i am sick n tired with lots of work in my school.thats why i need cutiii.then tomorrow morning i need to go seremban to ask about my diploma.i asked mie to come along n teman me to go there.tak la boring kan drive sorang from klang.so...hello tomorrow n once again to serembannnnn!

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