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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

jalan-jalan ngan masnie

We Love Secret Recepi's cake

Ni Muke seposen ~"masnie cakap",haha

Having a great time with masnie! Actually before this we went to a stall which served a delicious char kue teow somehere at Setapak..near by azreen's house(azreen was my bf's cousin)..after finished our meal we went to town .. jalan2 pusing klcc n decided to stopped at titiwangsa.then .,suddenly someone at the back hit masnie's car !!,we both so shocked coz we all macam ke depan.it was a bad day for masnie.the guy who hit masnie's car pon mcm blur2 je..mesti berkhayal tu!..nasib baik la takde pape keta masnie tu,,at first i thought must be kemek or something la.but then we checked nothing happen.,huhu,calar cket je...later habis tenangkan diri dlm keta we went to secret recipe coz we both mmg suke makan kek.hehehe..masnie,,sabar je laaa ..


farahkimi said...

nice top!u're such a cool teacher!!hehe

ReYNa said...

haha.thanx!that one i bought it coz tension jadi cikgu.,lepaskan tension ngan shopping la..x gitu?huhu