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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Behind the Scene ~ Solemnization

Oh Gosh.Sorry for the delay,. I have so many work to do coz my school was nominated as sekolah berprestasi tinggi.jadi sebulan lebih baru la dpt tunjuk gamba2 ini,ni pon curi masa je.haa,.hope x basi lg.It has been 1 month already rite .nak tunggu official dr storybook sgt la lmbt lagi.jadi ini je yg mampu dpt tjk.The pictures below were taken using my cam. .thanks to huda coz amik gmba2 ini.hehe,.masa ni aween x smpai lg sbb sesat.

My solemnization baju kurung moden by kak ina, dzulldeclassique. Bought the material at Jakel.I wanted to make flowy style too but i accidently bought only 4 metres.its not enough la.but its ok.i still love the baju.Could'nt bear to burn a hole on my pocket

Sorry huddy upload ur pic too coz u r too sweet,.:)

tying up the hair

I like the makeup.simple n sweet by kak su.At first i didnt know that she's going to be my makeup artist of that day coz u know la the boutique didn't inform me until kak su herself call to inform me.haa.of course i was shocked coz i thought the pak andam who did my trial makeup will do the job.bayangkan kalo u tempah nurul shukor ke ayang kamell ke tp the end of the day org lain yg dtg?haa.tawakal aje coz dh x leh desperate.then, luckily kak su's work is satisfying.die penah makeup nora danish ,amber chia, n ramai lg artist..clap2x

The makeup used by kak su

The baju had been fitted perfectly on my body. I didn't add more sequins/other beads as my kain tu dh heavy beaded material. I just add the buttons only.n fitted wrist,.gaya yg in sekarang.ahha..:)

wearing the tudung made by kak rena at cosmic silk,jln tar.the material is chiffon.best pakai.x penah pakai tudung gini sbb dulu takut jd mcm indon.tp cube juge.1st time in my life!

Love the details on my chiffon's veil.handmade by kak rena again.She can sew the beads according to the pattern/style that u want. I think she's punjabi/indian.so mestila terrer bab jahit manik kan!I forgot what is the design for the veil.maybe i chose half circle design? Coz it would fall nicely at the back.

to be continued..

p/s: There were several people told me that my face look like lisa surihani??hahahahah!(perasan)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teaser~Wedding picS~

YeaYYyyy!!i received the Cd from aween Photoaura!I'm so happy:)))

Aween had done superb job during my big day.I couldn't thank him enough.He's so professional!Later i'll post out the pics ok:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't be such a paranoid

Almost 1 week i posted out the story.If you want to know more about this situation, I would ask you to do a reference to this response where relevant. I wrote the story based on my experience, what i felt on that day, the people around me and linking directly to the claim i made previously.I have no problem being called out for things that I believe. Even attacking me based on things I wrote without knowing much what is truly happening.The anonymous is not in my shoes.so u'll never know what i felt n stop use the word misunderstanding as i'm aware of what i asked for.I hired people coz i trusted them to plan my event well,.It is not fair play,unforgivable. If u ask my friend what my personality is, u will understand me more.i'll never kacau org unless they kacau me first.I'm not a good fighter but i had reason to do that so.This is how i express my feelings.If u think u cannot accept it, just shut up.stop reading my blog or being a follower..ignorance is blissfull rite.
I'm in the same boat with others who had the same experience.Not me only tau..Wedding is once in a life time insyaAllah.I believed if somebody or whoever had work with the bride should understand our feelings. If u did the mistake under your name you should take the responsibility n not just deduct the whatever things u cannot provide.Dont let the bride termangu-mangu. Its not about the money but the moment u spoiled that will never be replace forever.dont use the word berkat x berkat.Its not the same.ok.understand?dont be such a paranoid.thats all.bye

Friday, July 2, 2010

Unprofessional bridal boutique part 2

I'm gonna faint seeing other people's event by that **** boutique!why they could do such a nice pelamin to others but not me???mmg diorg ni tamak.laki bini tamak.i dh booking since january but they still cannot make my event perfect like others!masa tempah tu through phone they said they will have another 2 slots on the same date coz katenye boleh buat mine without any problem.eeeee..dasar tamak!jangan amik booking org kalo dah tau x boleh handle!:((

p/s: rina,ade hikmah la ni (dlm hati sedih tahap max). tapi hati ceria sikit aween ade call ckp my wedding picture scan be upload by next week.yeay!