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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Hantaran & His Hantaran

Hi all!
Lack of updates yaa?huhu.i'm on hiatus mode for the past few days.So these are for my minor update.Lots of work,time n due to internet lembab made me even more malas.huu.sorry.Ok.here are my hantaran n what i gave to my hubby.I sent all the items to hantaran maker in klang coz i dont have much time to work on these hantaran. My theme is pink+white with little bird on each trays as my hubby's side is creme+peach.Oh.I only did decorate a few things such as the cake, chocolates n fruits (oops..i asked masni to help me on the fruits.masa tu kelam kelibut).

9 trays for him

Ferrero rocher.I only did the ribbon.:))

Pink cake.The ribbon with flowers i did it myself too.haha. bravo. I super like the polka dot ribbon.Only can be found at jalan tar,.kat klang takdop time tu.

Gc watch for men

thanks masni coz helped me on this. i owe u

Raoul shirt

Aqva bvlgari perfume for men

Tafsir Al- Quran.Bought this at Jalan Tar

Clarks shoes

Patchi. The bowl with small flowers on top is belong to huda.Thanks buddy:)

7 trays ++ for me

Omnia amethyste bvlgari

Coach handbag(Like!My hubby bought it)

chocolate cake

beautiful kain sembahyang

tafsir Al-Quran
Fidani & Lindt chocolate
Yg mcm ada tali2 n bentuk bunjut tu sedap!yg lindt choc tu x sempat rasa adik dah makan abis!

Nine West (super love!)

Gc watch for women. I love big watches,.haha

Our symbol of love too..Our engagement ring.
I didn't get any ring during solemnization as i got gold bracelet to replace the ring.

I love all the hantaran!I feel like i want to get married again so i can get these beautiful stuff once again,,huu,tamaknya,.haha

p/s: I need more time to update. Forgive me

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Australia (OZ) wait for us

I chose Australia for our honeymoon destination. But i dunno where to go.Perhaps i might go to Gold Coast or Melbourne .Hmm..Which one is better?My friend said choose Gold Coast .It has more places to go n more fun. My hubby wanted a colder region,.huu.

Stunning Falls Creek.
Its located around 350km from north east melbourne.ohh!The winter season begins from
june until october.But i want to go on march.how?I guess our budget to go here might be higher too

source: google

Super cute!i want to hold this cute little koala

hi shrek!
movie world gold coast.

tangalooma wild dolphin resort.
I always love dolphin.I always dream to hand-feed these gentle animal

p/s: Australia is marvelous. But i must consider our budget too n check the low fares from air asia,.OZ, Wait for us!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who knows calendar 2011?

need it desperately.who knows calendar 2011?i want to plan for my honeymoon!huuuu.its difficult when u are a teacher, u have to go holiday only during school holiday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Huda's perfect wedding~

Huda n adlie's wedding was simply elegant.marvelous.beautiful.enough said.cantik melate segalenye,.patotnya i update pasal wedding i.tp update pasal huda plk.haha.takpe.sbb huda kan bestie i.Surely i'm gonna put her wedding stories in my blog too .anyway i didnt have many pics with her as suddenly my cam didnt work ,.coz dh lama tgglkan cam tu kat my bro so jadi terkial-kial nk tekan camcorder tu camne.dahla cam pistol.gamba golap2 je.muahaha,adoiii.sebenarnya nk mulakan gamba ngan my present to her..cantikk laaa my present tu.ngan kotak damask lagi.siap reben bagai.(haha.puji hadiah sendiri)..tp ajaibnya x jumpa mana tah gamba my present tu dlm hp.geram btol!!!kena makan virus komp ni kut..eeee.!;(..huda.harap ko appreciate hadiah aku,.kalo x siap ko!hahaha..sorry the pics during her nikah day i cannot put here.some of the pics i need to ask huda's permission.gamba sedikit gelap from my cam.jadi nk tunggu her official pics.Only these pics i can put.coz with my hubby too.(grin)

After akad nikah

oh dear.lawa nye.my fav colour too!(sorry.my lack of skills taking pic)

eh..jumpa ida laa.hihi. Sori sempat berbual kejap je

pengantin baru n pengantin lama.tgk.kami sedondon;p

gorgeous huda.i'm gonna miss u

ey.my hubby.why are u far away?malu2 kucing ye

To huda n adlie.I pray and wish happiness for both of you


p/s: next i will upload my story.again.