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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinner at Seoul Garden

Last week i went to Seoul garden outlet in Juru Autocity and try out their buffet. It was my first time dining here. After dapat gaji terus gi sini ngan hubby.haha. I don't have many pictures to blog about this restaurant sebab teruja sangat nk makan.But you can easily find so many reviews from other bloggers/food web. Ok,when we first arrive there, the waiter asked me need to choose the soup base for steamboat. There are a few flavors can be chosen such as Ginseng, Tom Yam, and etc. I opt their Tom Yam soup because i love to eat hot and spicy food. They have so many variety of marinated chicken and beef too. I was like so rambang mata and greedy enough to try out all their tasty menu including their fried glass noodle.sedap! We eating like mad until our stomach full already.Oh.i forgot to try their kimchee to complete steamboat korean..but nevermind.there would be always next time.Here, you can DIY ice kacang and eat ice cream too.mmg kenyang tahap dewa la.

Pose wajib ngan hubby

jom makan ayam bbq

P/S: Their price for buffet is still considered as reasonable. It is cheaper if you go there during weekdays. Plus if you have student card it is even cheaper. Check out their promotion in their web too and get discount for buffet package.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zairin's wedding

Hello lovelies.How is your saturday treating you so far?As for me, i filled up my great weekend in taiping with my husband doing many things such as play with cats, eat good food (i love love their kuey teow goreng), round around taiping and drive manual car!haha,.it has been so long i haven't drive a manual car!hehe.
Ok..First of all i have to admit that nowadays i've become so lazy to update my blog.Life just get so frenzied sometime.Almost everyday i have school work to do plus house work.huhu.Now, to update my blog for today i would like to share with you about zairin's wedding.She is my very good friend when i studying in USM. She had been to my wedding too..So her wedding is a must event i've been looking for to attend. Here are some of her pictures and her lovely event captured by my cameras.gambar2 die yg official belum siap lagi kot.

Haa. ni la pengantinnya.Zairin ni come lote.ada mcm Heliza AF x?huhu

Mas kawen nya. Comel

Alahai..cute sgt pelaminnya.ini pelamin kat umahnya.utk family n kawan rapat aje.dulu kawen nak lampu mcm ni kat pelamin (huu.tetibe teringat kisah pahit manis kawen haritu..huhu).

Zairin x bersanding. die wat meja beradap aje.simple tapi suka deco nya.sbb pink .hihi


p/s: Congrats Zairin. Dapat jugak kawen ngan en nazmi ni.hihihi.Wish you a happy married life and get baby soon...eh.kitorang janji nak dapat baby sama2.so anak sebaya la nanti.haha.Verangan.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laksa Janggus

Have u heard about laksa janggus balik pulau? haa..Bukan i mengidam tapi nak sangat rasa best ke laksa balik pulau tu?The place have been featured in numerous blogs and jalan-jalan cari makan too.I think i've watched an astro programme name warung kita.Then i know about the place.

Luckily, my brother in law, anas was chosen to join PLKN in Balik Pulau. hihi.One good reason for me to go to balik pulau too. But the road to balik pulau isn't easy.jalan agak teruk,.takpe.demi laksa n anas. After visited him, me, my hubby, azreen, apek n baby muaz went to Kampung Perlis , Balik Pulau to have a taste of that laksa. nasib baik ada GPS apek.kalo x hampeh x jumpa kot tempat tu.google laksa janggus trus jumpa location die.easy.Actually if u already went there once, i think u could easily find the way to go there.When we arrived i could see many cars parked along the road.wow.maknanya sedap ok?kalo ramai for sure sedap.ok.moh cube.

Now,here's my verdict.It's definitely tasty!But it depends on one's own personal taste.For me it has the right balance of sourish taste and they put generous amount of vegetables.On top of that u can add as many shrimp paste (petis udang). My hubby likes it very much. And best of all, it's very cheap.The laksa is only rm2.00 for big bowl.if u want laksa with egg it is just rm2.50.i love to eat lwith egg.:P.Aaa..They also served a small bowl too for kids.MURAH.rm1.20.sorry no pictures,hanya ada gambar laksa yang tempting tu..why they called laksa janggus?azreen said because they put daun janggus in laksa.erm,dunno.x knal la daun janggus tu,.huhuh.

Yummy,looking at this picture makes me wanna eat the laksa again. (sorry about the shadows.i used my hp's camera only;p)

They also serve pisang goreng, ubi keledek goreng, bihun/kuew th'ng, ABC with ice cream and ice cream goreng!I've tried their pisang goreng. It was marvelous.lagi satu tambah mknn sedap kat sini. susah nak jumpa pisang goreng yang rangup n manis macam tu.

P/S: 1. The place closed on wednesday.
2. Food and drinks are self service.like mcD:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye-bye 2010, hello new decade

happy new year to everyone!how was your New Year's Eve celebrations?I supposed those who are in kl would have a blast bade farewell to 2010 since kat sana kan ada KLCC, Dataran Merdeka and numerous places to celebrate. :)

Ingat zaman gile2 remaja dulu penah gak gi celebrate Kl nun tapi for sure sangat la ramai.oh.but those who just enjoyed stay at home is not a problem too.just watching tv also can countdown the seconds till the new year.Last night, i just went to Lake Garden, Taiping to watch the fireworks with my husband.Well,its not so meriah as i went there in last minute though. But still i could watch it with my hubby and wished each other happy new year.I asked my hubby his hopes for 2011? Die ckp x ada apa.huhu.lelaki. ingat azam nak ada anak ke . As for me my hope for this year is to have a new home.My father will be retire soon so i need a house for both of us to stay for a longer time.:-p

Ok, i highlight out these words taken from the star online today entitled 2011 will be a good year, say feng shui masters and astrologer.

Vedic astrologer Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India, said the new year would be a “golden year” for business people.

“This applies especially for those involved in the textile, gold and cosmetics trades,” he said, adding that more marriages would happen in 2011.He added that those born under the moon sign of Vrishabah (Taurus),Kataka (Cancer), Kanya (Virgo), Vrischika (Scorpio) and Kumbha(Aquarius) would enjoy better times.

aaa. libra x enjoy ke?huhu.tapi x leh caya sangat. saja baca suke2