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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laksa Janggus

Have u heard about laksa janggus balik pulau? haa..Bukan i mengidam tapi nak sangat rasa best ke laksa balik pulau tu?The place have been featured in numerous blogs and jalan-jalan cari makan too.I think i've watched an astro programme name warung kita.Then i know about the place.

Luckily, my brother in law, anas was chosen to join PLKN in Balik Pulau. hihi.One good reason for me to go to balik pulau too. But the road to balik pulau isn't easy.jalan agak teruk,.takpe.demi laksa n anas. After visited him, me, my hubby, azreen, apek n baby muaz went to Kampung Perlis , Balik Pulau to have a taste of that laksa. nasib baik ada GPS apek.kalo x hampeh x jumpa kot tempat tu.google laksa janggus trus jumpa location die.easy.Actually if u already went there once, i think u could easily find the way to go there.When we arrived i could see many cars parked along the road.wow.maknanya sedap ok?kalo ramai for sure sedap.ok.moh cube.

Now,here's my verdict.It's definitely tasty!But it depends on one's own personal taste.For me it has the right balance of sourish taste and they put generous amount of vegetables.On top of that u can add as many shrimp paste (petis udang). My hubby likes it very much. And best of all, it's very cheap.The laksa is only rm2.00 for big bowl.if u want laksa with egg it is just rm2.50.i love to eat lwith egg.:P.Aaa..They also served a small bowl too for kids.MURAH.rm1.20.sorry no pictures,hanya ada gambar laksa yang tempting tu..why they called laksa janggus?azreen said because they put daun janggus in laksa.erm,dunno.x knal la daun janggus tu,.huhuh.

Yummy,looking at this picture makes me wanna eat the laksa again. (sorry about the shadows.i used my hp's camera only;p)

They also serve pisang goreng, ubi keledek goreng, bihun/kuew th'ng, ABC with ice cream and ice cream goreng!I've tried their pisang goreng. It was marvelous.lagi satu tambah mknn sedap kat sini. susah nak jumpa pisang goreng yang rangup n manis macam tu.

P/S: 1. The place closed on wednesday.
2. Food and drinks are self service.like mcD:)


najmi said...

terliurnyeee!!! lama dah berangan nak g penang, tak dok rezeki lagi ni, terliur gile teringt nasi kandar

ReYNa said...

mai laa penang honeymoon.huhu.haha.mie x abih2 ngan nasi kandar.nnti boleh la hubby sy bwk tmpt beh.sbb sy x tau la mana yg beh.huhu

ryn said...

hai... sajer nk menyebok
janggus panggilan orang2 utara untuk gajus. Sekian ;-))

ReYNa said...

hi ryn.tau maksud janggus tu tp x tau napa panggil laksa tu laksa janggus.ingat ada janggus dlm tu kot.huhuh