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Saturday, January 23, 2010

baju nikah part 3

sad news.the cheap dress maker cannot make my baju coz her son/daughter (dunno la) went for hospital for a very long time.Personally i couldn't wait any longer so i need to find other solution or my mind will keep on thinking about tailor.therefore i chose DZULLDECLASSIC.yess.baru je gi tempah td,.still affordable plus i can get a pair of shoes which just cost me rm400 in total.The rewards of patience are sweet:)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hantaran List

i'm soo not in the mood rite now coz it seemed every bridal boutiques i like in kelantan had already full on my wedding day,tggl 1 lagi hope.tp smpai skang org tu x reply lg email i.that means tomorrow i must call them.kalo dh penuh jugak nmpaknye kena putar sekali lg kat kuala krai tu masa chinese new year butik yg lebih elok dari masa engagement dulu.

oh,.btw my sadness is cured by nine west shoes!ade sale tau!!walaupon sedih tp hati terubat tgk kasut killer heels ituuuu.hahaha.nnti la i update barang2 hantaran i.so lets check out my hantaran list.bnyk lagi nk kena cari.huuu

Hantaran Untuk syg;-)
1. sirih junjung
2. Tasbih+Al-Quran
3. Set Penjagaan & Wangian Diri
4.Tali pinggang +dompet
5.kemeja--->dah beli kat RAOUL.ade sale.:)
6.jam tangan
8. Buah-buahan
9. Coklat

Hantaran Untuk RINA ;-)
1. check hantaran+gelang
2. kasut+handbag-->shoes bought at nine west.50% sale u know.love it
3. jam tangan
4. Set Penjagaan & Wangian Diri (perfume)
5. kek
6. Telekung & Sejadah
8. Coklat

Hope my wedding preparation is going to be smooth n fine.God.help me.time is running out.only 5 months to go

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tarikh Cuti Sekolah??

I'm confuse once again.tarikh cuti sekolah semester 1 ni btul ke 4 jun?ada rumours cakap tarikh cuti bln 6 ni diawalkan.If i refer to my school takwim the holiday starts on 4th june.i'm soo freak out.sedih coz i've planned my wedding on 11/12 june.God, plz don't let tis happen.i'm still gonna stick to this date

Monday, January 11, 2010

designer for baju akad nikah part 2

holaaa..!i just found out one of the bridal boutiques here only charge me rm100 for my chiffon beaded materials!What a cheap bargain!i can save 400 u know(jimat2).but i'm a bit wondered whether she can do according to my design or not since i didnt see any wow design that can captured my heart except one or two baju kahwin kebaya yg biasa org pakai time kawen. Unlike at shah alam which the design no doubt very beautiful to my eyes but beware they barely cost me around 500++ if i ask them to upah jahit baju kurung moden.huh?.tapi memang cantik melate la.harga pon melate,.huu.N yesterday i gave my word to that kakak bridal boutique that i would call her for next meeting.we will see ya

Friday, January 8, 2010

Designer for baju akad nikah

O.m.g.i have exactly 5 months to go for my wedding!jadi sekarang ni kelam kabut lah nk cari designer n bridal boutiques. So, my first step is to find a tailor or any designer (within my budget) to make a nice dress/baju kurung moden i've already had kain akad nikah from my engagement.So ingat nk survey n trus tempah la ngan tailor.While surveying the tailor, i got some few tips and review from my friends who recently got married. Two of them made their dress with amin jauhary n 1 of them her dress is made by jovian (bestnye!tp i think i would never afford to hire jovian or any high price designers.I dont think i can hire rizman ruzaini too coz their price start from rm800 n above.lainla gaji i 8k above sudah tentu i akan pegi ke designer2 ini jua). hukhukhuk.But i think the info from other bloggers are really helpful too!Alright. enuff said.i have very tight budget so i would just concentrate searching any affordable dress maker but yet still can design an elegant nice work.

i simply love baju kurung moden with kain yg flare2 gitu .idaman hati seperti rekaan rizman ruzaini la.tapi kain i cuma 4 meter suku je.x cukup la nk flare2 tu.Got the info from legalmeyours about designers in malaysia.i was attracted to check the design by unaisah azlan ( new upcoming designer). They were really nice!Recently i sent an email to her and asked her price.coz my kain is chiffon beaded materials so she said her price is rm390 n if i want to add full skirt/gore skirt i need to add extra 50-100 sahaja.GULP.the number 390 is already choked me out.huhu.is it normal the dress maker's price for this kind of materials?lagipun unaisah baru lagi kan.I never went to splurge my money just for a dress. But only baju for my engagement la plg mahai pon. but i heart her work.emm.kalo tahu ini sudah lama beli 2 meter aje n beli yg plain utk kain,.but what to do,pejam mata je lah.tersilap beli bnyk .So, my friend suggested me to go consult with amin jauhary. Her solemnization dress made by him only cost rm450 i think. i tgk kat blog cakap dzull de classique is good too.murah jugak!itu yg penting. tp dzull de classique is so far from klang la.These make so pening. My choices now are either amin jauhary, dzull de classique or unaisah azlan(her house is at shah alam..dekat je).mana satu nih>?or should i go consult with them first?my budget range is between 100-300 je.Does anyone know where i can get good dress maker with affordable n reasonable price charge???plz help me