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Monday, January 11, 2010

designer for baju akad nikah part 2

holaaa..!i just found out one of the bridal boutiques here only charge me rm100 for my chiffon beaded materials!What a cheap bargain!i can save 400 u know(jimat2).but i'm a bit wondered whether she can do according to my design or not since i didnt see any wow design that can captured my heart except one or two baju kahwin kebaya yg biasa org pakai time kawen. Unlike at shah alam which the design no doubt very beautiful to my eyes but beware they barely cost me around 500++ if i ask them to upah jahit baju kurung moden.huh?.tapi memang cantik melate la.harga pon melate,.huu.N yesterday i gave my word to that kakak bridal boutique that i would call her for next meeting.we will see ya


~ thalhazlin ~ said...

awak, RM 100 memang berbaloi lah. :)

Anonymous said...

kat ne tu reyna..share pls.. hee


wahhhh......berbaloi2 tu!!...nti kita share ye!i plan nk tempah kat kajang dzulldeclassique...next week baru pergi sana kalau jadi...=).

ReYNa said...

thalhazlin: a;ah.terkejut btol die ckp harga upah die utk kain i tu.kalo kat shah alam semua ckp 500 above

faratul: ada 1 butik pengantin kt tlk pnglima garang.sbb dh kire dkt area umah i so pi la situ survey2.recommended by my friend

cindellyna: wahh.i dulu plan nk gi dzulldeclaasique before jumpa akak butik tu.tgk2 harga die murah gile trus x jadi gi kajang.tp dzulldeclassique mmg cantik gile jahitannye

Anonymous said...

ala..jauh la plak..

ReYNa said...

tu aa.kalo org yg duk jauh dr klang mmg baik gi tmpat lain la.hhihi.coz umah i kat klang jd bleh la gi situ.tp x gi lg anta kain ninext week la kot

aytozee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aytozee said...

cindellyna: u plan nk tempah situ ek? i dah g anta bj last month.dgn kak lina (seriously she's so sweet+confident amek ukuran badan).Dzulldeclassique charge me rm200 for french lace beaded bj kurung moden.And my fiancee's baju plak maybe around rm120 utk baju melayu moden.Okla..

Reyna: reyna,make sure die boleh jahit dgn kemas ye sayang nnt baju u.good luck for planning our wedding ladies~ =D