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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spending my holiday part 2

holaaaaa.i sew a skirt for this holiday,sungguh senang tapi ntah apa2 jadi kat skirt tu.i made two skirts.the first skirt turn out quite ok.actually i wanted to make it like pencil skirt.but for the first timer like me so jadi la macam tu.huhu

Okkk you all..This is my first ever skirt which is grey in colour:)
my second skirt.heee..i made a little mistake due to main hentam je buat..

but i love the pattern of this fabric,kinda vintage thing.my mom bought it at her usual place in png,,

so these are my little projects,,,others will coming soon.i'm waiting for the other holiday..tomorrow i'll be travelling again..sob2x~imagine from kelantan to penang n from penang to klang,,huuu..pengsan akuuu

Spending my holiday part 1

The final book of twilight saga..breaking dawn..i'm half of my way finishing it.yippieeee

Holiday makes me loveeee to read..huuhu

breaking dawn is fun to read coz my beloved characters finally have happily ever after story,heehe..worth to read eventhough some people made a negative statements about the final book,i only hate eclipse,the third book coz bella is so stupid.haha

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little treats

hey,..today is Sunday..but i went for work at school too,,.coz Sultan Selangor will be visiting my school.so this week i had worked for 7 days.erm.actually everyday i do my work even during weekends.huuu..tired n sometimes i felt the tension of my lotsa workkk.so i asked my bro to teman n do a little shopping at 2 bazaars.showpink n absolute bazaar.

i arrived so late at absolute bazaar n they were already packing their stuffs to close the stalls.i only managed to buy a black ribbon belt,.huuu

then off to shah alam n i ate zinger tower @KFC.but i preferred zinger burger or the chicken only coz i didnt like the sauce of the zinger tower..my bro said it was mix with lime,.it taste strange for me,.so as a result.i didnt finished it.

sneak peak of my fav purchase today

it is called cute zebra shoes..i like it!bought it at showpink.

taken from http://momentoshoes.blogspot

Monday, January 12, 2009


today i went to pwtc to check out what is so interesting about youth09 with fana,faten n shida(her housemate).

MY PASS..sorry fana,.i thought u know about this pass

Clothes actually there were many stalls selling clothes n other stuffs..but my aim is to buy a new handbag or sling bag.n i couldnt find any interested things to buy except this baju.next bazaar i hope i'll find what i want before i went back for holiday:p

my purchases excluding the free goodie bag..hehe.checked the goodie bag n i found body shop free gifts..yeay..a tiny perfume n tea tree facial wash .huhu.no need to buy new perfume..n ohh..after pwtc i went to the curve to buy mushroom for my dear mama.haha.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Munie

Munie..my schoolmate since highschool is married,.went to her wedding @ Pusat rekreasi UMNO jln peel with huda:)


i adore huda's dress

there were munie n her hubby.pink n white theme..coz munie is soo into pink colour..hehe.wish munie n her hubby happily ever after..

Big dinner

last nite me n my housemates went to pulau indah for our big dinner.first time gi pulau indah tu..jauh gak.huuhu.our destination place is at candahayu restaurant.

my sister kak shida was choosing the seafood..

before dinner

after dinner..look at the arranged plates

ade lagi sorang sister x ade dalam gamba ni.(sbb jd tukang tangkap gamba)..n the pic was not so nice la,.,.too dark..huhu..but we head back to our house with gila full stomach

Monday, January 5, 2009

kebab kebab

My younger brother wanted my laptop.so he came to klang last nite,.coz its already late,i send him back to uia gombak,so far lor ..huu ..n hungry too.coz too much thinking of my work.then,.bila sampai uia tu,i tried beef kebab.sedap gila.lg sedap dr kat pasar mlm.nape aa.maybe sbb org arab ke jual.huu.nk lagii kebab tu.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh happy2 new year + tension

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year..n not to be forgotten, the fireworks.this new year i didnt hang out like everone else did, i just stayed at my house and celebrate new year with my housemates.diorg masak banyak gila tgh mlm.,skang ni pon ngantok lah.

Actually i'm kinda tired too due to long journey from kl to klang with train.penat la ramai orang sangat.n sangat penat tgk karenah orang2 dlm train tu.tambah depressed with baki ptptn ku yang tertunggak coz i studied kpli n could not afford to pay back.

Nak jadi cite masa tgh sedih2 n penat tggu train lama, akhirnya tiba la train yg nk ke klang.While i was entering the train dgn siap beraturnya datang la nenek india n cucu lelakinya menolak2 org nk masuk cepat.siap lnggar2 aku lg..bengangnya.Due to so many passengers today, that nenek could not get a seat..hmm.me too,.i stand beside her n her grandson who could not stop talking2 along that journey.,with the language which confirm i could not understand.tertekann.Bila dh lama tu barulah diorg dapat duduk..but in separate seats.i also got a seat.Then,maybe this boy felt so boring he started eating MAMEE.takpelah.biasala budak kan suka mamee.Yg x bestnye tu, bila dh abih mkn die tanya neneknya nk buang mana,.si nenek tu bgtau dlm bahasanya buang la ikut suka hati.si budak tu dgn selamba lah n buat muke bodoh buang kat bwh kerusinya,,,sakitnya matakuuu.aku jegil la mata kat die,tp buat bodoh..rase nk pukul je. n geramnya neneknya sgt x ada kesedaran sivik btull,.,.i hate this kind of old generation who could not teach their young about environment or taking care of facilities. i felt like a teacher want to scold this boy including his nenek.tp x berani la plak.sbb die nenek tua,heee.geram2...nk new year pon geram..ohh,.
plz la.jgn la buang sampah di merata2 ok

oklah..just to wish all of u a very happy new year :) n dont forget to pay ur debts especially ptptn..dont be like me..nk abis gaji td byr bnyk.huuhu