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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spending my holiday part 2

holaaaaa.i sew a skirt for this holiday,sungguh senang tapi ntah apa2 jadi kat skirt tu.i made two skirts.the first skirt turn out quite ok.actually i wanted to make it like pencil skirt.but for the first timer like me so jadi la macam tu.huhu

Okkk you all..This is my first ever skirt which is grey in colour:)
my second skirt.heee..i made a little mistake due to main hentam je buat..

but i love the pattern of this fabric,kinda vintage thing.my mom bought it at her usual place in png,,

so these are my little projects,,,others will coming soon.i'm waiting for the other holiday..tomorrow i'll be travelling again..sob2x~imagine from kelantan to penang n from penang to klang,,huuu..pengsan akuuu


fana said...

makin rancak menjahit nampaknye.
jeles ni jelessssss!
tp jahit skirt mmg agak sng kn?
tp unless nk jahit skirt kembang tu, payah ckit. tp klu dah ade pattern die, sng je. potong ikut pattern tu la kn. nk lukic tu yg renyah. huhuhuhuhuhuh

fana said...


ReYNa said...

muahaha..sbb nk isi masa kat kampung,.bosan gila tau tak.hahaha.sebab tu la i menjahit.tp i tak seterrer u la fana kalo abb menjahit.main hentam je ni n senget benget.huhu