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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it my fault?

Today i was so shocked to know that one of my year 1 pupils cried just because of me..wtf.this is the first time..before this i always thought that i've been too soft to my pupils or what can i say not too fierce.now i know i'm not that type of teacher.huhuhu..that manja girl didnt want to enter her class because she's too afraid of me!What i know from her sister that the main reason that the girl was afraid of me coz last week i scold her friend..!not her.silly girl.bukannya pukul smpai lebam.then finally that girl agreed to enter the class after one of the clerk in the office gave her advice.huh.when i enter the class to teach, i saw that girl was cheerful n gave her work directly to me..hmm..x paham.such a drama la this girl.last year baru je handle case parents x puas hati.huuu

whatever it is,.i know that i really cannot tolerate with kids especially little girl coz i never have little sister.i only have little brothers.nak pujuk budak pon i cannot make it.but somehow maybe coz of my age, i think i could handle it.I've been a teacher myself & i know how hard it is.People said,we never know something until we've been thru it or be one of it.So,it's true.only teacher knows my feeling.its just so challenging.too many works.homeworks.going meeting.handling pupils,my voice becomes serak due to too high pitching when i'm teaching.scolding.etc.but any how.no matter what the challenge is,now i love being a teacher.n i love convent school.
x tau nape.challenging kot:) i want to use the long rotan lah.huhu


fana said...

haha. padan muke. nnt budak tu report kt mak die. wakakakaka

ReYNa said...

huhu,.mmg dh kena report pon,.tension btol.eeeeee...x suke budak.