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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The goodness of traditional medicine

this week had been such a tiring n stressful to me.i was having sore throat n sometimes ill.with lots of things to do where i need to submit the works according to the due date,but i never took mc even though i need it so much.i think i could not take mc coz who else gonna do my work?so i tahan la sgt2 sakit ni until i really cannot speak.its just sooo annoying to speak.people could not understand what exactly i want to tell.whenever i want to teach i need to use the board only.mcm org bisu.thank god my pupils understand my condition.they are so supportive,and today i couldnt believe myself when one of my year 1 pupil give me strepsil!oh,.iwant to cry..terharunya,. n now i think my condition is better.I've got an advice from the teachers to drink barley boiled with rock sugar.so everyday i cooked the barley n drink it coz i didnt want to go to clinic.i think the barley drink is really work!in about 4 days my voice becomes better.n every night since i had sore throat i took pure honey.the results?really good.no need to meet doctor,.thats why i put the title of this post as the goodness of traditional medicine.yey. i hope i'll be better by next week:)pray for me!

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