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Friday, May 28, 2010

sedih mode

My entry is a little bit dull.sedey coz my reception dress turned out to be not so what i imagined before.sudahla senteng kena tampal pulak ngan ropol2 as solution to cover it up untuk tutup kesentengannya.the tailor said maybe my chiffon is soo sensitive then mcm tertarik ke atas.logik kah?nmpak lah kain lining itu,sungguh hodoh rasa tgk.plk baju x sekembang mana yg diimpikan.malas layan dh.terima seadanya,.cuma itu senteng x bleh terima.i want to go back to kltn next week.pikiran sudah pening n down sgt dh,.almost i spend every week at jalan tar all the way from klang.huu.now i'm soo tired.maybe dugaan.x semua yg kita impikan akan dapat kan.hmm.sedih mode lagi!:(

maybe kain ku jadi macam kain siti tu?

Monday, May 17, 2010

My invitation card

simple tapi yg penting mesti pink.gile pink x?huhu

my solemnization is on 11 june n reception is on 12 june,i know my place is quite far.But if u happen to be in kltn that day i would love to invite u ols to my wedding:)

p/s: invitation cards baru mula operasi utk dihantar.yg ada ribbon hanya utk vip shj coz sy xde masa nk wat semua.penat weh!hihi

Bunga rozet

These are not bunga actually.hihi.butterfly.cute pink butterfly.I bought these for my AJKs on my wedding later.Love it to bits,.It can be use for casual wear esp for people who wear tudung too.practical rite:)

happy teacher's day:)

Dulu tidak tahu bagaimana rasanya menjadi seorang guru. dulu kita selalu ckp cikgu tu garang la suka denda la suka marah la.tp sebenarnya semua diorg buat tu ada sebab,.sebabnya adalah untuk mendidik kita menjadi orang yg berguna. naah..sekarang sudah tahu bagaimana rasanya.,memang guru itu jutawan akhirat,happy teacher's day to all the teachers including me..:).
enjoy this funny video. love ahha

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One month to go!

It's been one month already.I tried to work on my card.These card i did for my dad to give out to all the org kgs..tired weh,. coz my dad want it quickly and he visit KL once a week,therefore i only managed to finish up the card until 30++ !kalo tak mesti i dh dpt siapkan semua kan.huhuhuhh.mantap.

wait for my official card exclusively for VIP:)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My friends's wedding: Yan & Ed

Last week was a tiring week n i did crazy thing too..i'm just crazy enough to drive alone to manjung ! another friend cannot come with as she was having fever that day.So, i gamble je lah gi manjung ngan x tau pape sgt jln ke sana..mmg keje gile.wakaka.with the guidance from zairin through calling2, alhamdulilah i arrived safely eventho that day was raining heavily.tawakal. I went there to attend my friend's wedding, Yan.She is my unimate.I am so happy coz she;s married smpai sanggup drive sorang2 kan nk tgk die.One more thing coz her theme color is same like mine, so lagi la teruja nk tengok:).I really like her wedding,simple but yet still gorgeous n meaningful,.ok,here's the pics.not so many i put here coz my tenet was so slowww.huu
notice the fan on the chair?i loike!

Gorgeous Yan

heart the hantaran.ade 1 hantaran pihak lelaki bg teddy bear with choc.so sweet.x dpt letak sini coz tenet sgt la lmbt..oh yes.the cake below i like it so much too.It is quite similar to my dream cake.hihi