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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Small flower pleated dress

hey!i've completed my sewing project!:)haha..i could only sew one dress due to i want more rest before going back to klang.hehe.malas pon ada..my project will be continued on december lah.more holidays coming.hehe.

me wearing the dress which i sew it myself. actually i want to add puffy sleeves and make it look like a puffy dress but i ended it by sewing simple sleeves. The result still satisfying me but i need to learn more about sewing..i just know basic sewing la..n main hentam je.hahaha

not ready pic

*After the pics were taken, i continued repairing the dress. i add buttons at the end of the sleeves to make it puffier n looks fit with my arm.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


i've got these vintage pattern fabrics given by my mother who bought these for me at morning market.its super cheap!She also bought a burberry pattern look like fabric at the same place which cost only RM2!huhu..i forgot to take the picture of that fabric coz i've already sent it to the tailor to make a skirt.hhehe..i was like too sayang laa for that fabric if i sew it myself.I might damage the fabric!I dont want to take the risk..i am a beginner n just know a little about sewing...tapi gatal nk gak jahit.therefore,,during this 5 days holiday,i'm thinking to sew a top or dress..lets see what happen to these fabrics:)

birthday part 2

My bf came to kl n we ate secret recipe's cake to celebrate my bday.huhu..i love secret recipe's cake..in this pics i love the most.choc cheese cake.order 2 lg. then my bf also ordered carribean fish which is soo delicious!balik umah teringat2 sedapnya,huhu

then..off to sunway plak..teringin mkn sushi laa pulakk..hehehe..i love ebi fryyy

Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm sick again!

oh my god...i can't speak!i'm having sore throat right now n always coughing.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....suara dh mcm penyanyi rock laaa.mcm hantu pon ada..tensennnn.cannot sleep n cannot eat properly too.ooohh,,feel like vomit.coughing also sound like vomitting...i want to go back home in png!eventhough i need to sacrifice lots of money..x kireee..fanaaa..jom balik!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


waaaa.today i'm 24!heeee...x bestttttt.no present no wishing2 la..dh tuaa aa kott.huuuu..kan best kalo dpt jadi budak2 balik..boleh wat birthday party panggil semua budak kat umah mkn kek,tak pon dpt present dr mak ayah.tp skang mana adaaa dh..huhuhu..i wish i could have time machine n appreciate my childhood memories better..hishhhh

makan n makan

we went to delifrance @ sunway pyramid as my bf really want to eat smoked salmon.huhuh

eating salad is good for your health..he's eating smoked salmon sandwich too..sedap!

i chose chicken frostier as my lunch.hmm..quite ok but i prefer kenny rogers or dave's deli instead.but the presentation?walllaaaaa..haha

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hari Karnival Ko-kurikulum

penat oo tengok budak.huhu

jong-jong inai

takde apa sgt.huhuh.saja nak letak pics..but that day caused me tired too after taught the student how to play keting-ting..do u know what is keting-ting/ting ting?it is a traditional game which young girls love to play..during my childhood i also loved to play this game...n not to be forgotten,,batu seremban,congkak n galah panjang..all these traditional games were also included in the carnival..besides traditional games,,the carnival also have other activity such as traditional dancing,build a tent n also explorace+masak2..haha..but i incharged for traditional games..jadi penatlaa lompat2n ngan budak2..eee,seronoknya jadi budak2...jelesssss..tapi kesian bdk convent ni bkn pandai main pon traditional game..jenuh i nak ajar...kesian bdk zaman sekarang.huhu

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Temuduga SPP

Today was my interview with SPP at putrajaya..i think i did well i guess..haha..only at the beginning when i arrived there i checked back all the things needed for the interview...guess whattt..?i did a very stupid thing that i could not forgive myself!ada ke i lupa bawak gambar pasport??dah terang2 kat surat suh bwk gambar tp i tetap lupaaa....adakah i dah nyanyukk??merepek btol.melampau btol kesalahankuu niih..hish,.the time i arrived there was 8.00.so...mana ada kedai gamba bukak pepagi bute?nak blk klang dh malas laa coz jauhh oo.campur jammed lg.i told the other rakan seperjuangan kat bilik tu,,diorg ckp pi laa tanya pegawai.They all ckp gak takpa sempat lagi nk tgkap gambar.heeee.mmg gilee laa tensen.that time kol 9.30.so..the solution, i ngaku laa kat pegawai yg check dokumen.she asked me to tangkap gambar kat alamanda.huh.1 keje..so dgn pantas i went to alamanda..tgk2 kat kedai gambar tu kerek nk mampos orgnya..dhlaa gamba siap 1 jam kemudian..mahalll lak tuu..i nk gmba 1 jeeeee,,,i was really pressured that time.

After i paid the pictures..then off to JPM again.,.thank to Allah coz the interiview session still not finish yet,..terima kasih mama n papa coz gave me the name yg start huruf R..haha..maybe laa coz my name last2 gituu..nk bg nama anak huruf hujung2 gak lah...hehehe

finally..its my turn to be interviewed.the SPP man was very nice n just ask simple questions..hehe..ada laa jugak suh cakap isu semasa..siapa 2 timbalan pelajaran Malaysia, why u want to be a teacher..how ur students.huhuhu...i pon merepek2 laah dlm tu..n semua soalan beliau i could answer..heheheh..lepas abis interview,,,.i thank to Allah soo muchh..Alhamdulillah..dengan gembiranya balik KLang..haha

so..the moral of this story..plz check all the documents according to the letter n never miss a thing!study rajin pasal isu semasa n hafal lah nama menteri2..GD LUCK to those who will be having interview with SPP:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


tomorrow is my interview spp.macam2 tak ingat.Ya Allah,kuatkanlah hati hambamu ini..huuuu...
pray for me.,,.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stop smoking!!

Today i read about smoking in new straits times.It was so sad to know that mostly teenagers in malaysia were having this addicted habit problem.Therefore, as a concern citizen, i copied this from nst online n hope the smokers would read these n try to overcome their habit..peace

They picked up the smoking habit in primary school, first out of curiosity, then to fit in with the crowd and later to release tension. Many of them got hooked and started lying and hiding the habit from their families. Now they want to quit, RINA DE SILVA writes

SET up in 2004, The Tanglin community polyclinic is the Health Ministry's best performing Quit-Smoking clinic in the country.More than 500 people have visited the clinic since 2005. The success rate at the clinic has been rising steadily. It was 24.2 per cent in 2005, 35.8 per cent in 2006 and 51.2 per cent last year. The health ministry said the average quit rate nationwide was between 10 and 15 per cent. This year, 68 smokers seeking help, visited the twice-weekly clinic and over 30 per cent of the visitors are teenagers. Last year, the number of teenage visitors was less than one per cent. The clinic's counsellor and staff nurse Swinder Jit, recently added an extra weekday to accommodate the increasing number of teenage visitors.
Swinder does the counselling herself, using her no-nonsense approach.

"How can you smoke when you are having asthma?," she asked a 14-year-old rather firmly but with a concerned tone in front of the teenager's mother.

"Look, your lips are turning black," she tells another teenager with a worried look.

She also listened in disbelief when smokers tell her they resumed smoking because the medication had run out.

"I always warn them not to expect me to believe this lame excuse," she said.

In their first session, smokers are made to take a pledge before Swinder and a witness that they will stop smoking from the day they registered at the clinic.
The smokers then come for follow-up visits to reinforce their efforts to quit smoking for good. The session begins with the teenage smokers being told to empty their pockets. If they hesitate, the 53-year-old Swinder gives them an understanding look and assures them.

"We don't judge you by how many cigarettes you smoke. Remember honesty is the best policy," she said.

She then confiscated the items and probed their smoking habits and their reasons for wanting to quit. Then the experienced nurse lectured on why smoking was bad by drawing the smokers' attention to a graphic skeleton with severe body damage.

"Smoking affects your whole body. The cigarette contains 4,500 chemicals that can damage your body," she said, adding that the chemicals included rat poison, moth ball and ammonia.

The teenagers expressed their surprise when they heard this.

"Ah? rat poison too?," they asked.

She assured them that once they stop smoking they could heal their bodies quickly.

After the alarming lecture, she gave tips on how they could break the habit.

"Don't hang out with people who smoke. Mix with non-smokers. Go to the swimming pool and the education park," she said.
She said the trick to stop smoking was to stop thinking about smoking.

"Divert your thoughts to studies, your future, movies, games and dating," she said.

"When your friend offers you a cigarette, say 'tak nak' (no thanks)."

When the urge came, wait for three minutes, she advised.

"The urge to smoke would usually disappear after three minutes," she added.
After hearing the tips, the teenagers asked her if the water pipe Shisha was better than cigarettes.

"No, no, shisha is just as bad. You cannot replace one with another. It is also illegal for you teenagers to take shisha," she said.

After the question-and-answer session the teenagers were given a notebook to record their progress. Swinder then gave them a pack of nicotine replacement product they can take whenever they feel the urge to smoke. She ended the session by scheduling their next appointment and gave her final words of comfort.

"Don't worry so much. Just try your best."

p/s: later i put the ways to overcome the prob okk..hrni x smpt..huhu

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hari Raya Pertama!

yummy chocolate cake made by me n boboy!

choc chip cookies in the oven

ketupat daun palas n pulut lepa

boboy+fariz(baby)+along+syafiq..gambar ini ditangkap selepas aku bagi duit raya..haha..first raya thn ni bagi duit.huuu