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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Small flower pleated dress

hey!i've completed my sewing project!:)haha..i could only sew one dress due to i want more rest before going back to klang.hehe.malas pon ada..my project will be continued on december lah.more holidays coming.hehe.

me wearing the dress which i sew it myself. actually i want to add puffy sleeves and make it look like a puffy dress but i ended it by sewing simple sleeves. The result still satisfying me but i need to learn more about sewing..i just know basic sewing la..n main hentam je.hahaha

not ready pic

*After the pics were taken, i continued repairing the dress. i add buttons at the end of the sleeves to make it puffier n looks fit with my arm.


farahkimi said...

cool!i need to learn from u la.guess what,i pun ade buat purse aritu.tp buruk la.later i post kat my blog.hehe

fana said...

haa ah.
bes giler kn!
leh bukak bijou stall sendiri
eleh farah
buruk la konon.
sj jeeee
post gmbr yg br!
yg altered sleeve tuh..

ReYNa said...

farahkimi: haha..i hentam je laa tau.main jahit je.hehe,jom p kelas jahit!eh..buat purse?mesti cun.letak gambar ok i nk tgk..hahaha

fana: yg altered sleeves tu i blom tgkap gambo lg.hahaha.i pkai dpn u lah,.bila ade button tu jadi nmpak effect puffy je.hehehe..(sbb malas nk jahit)

zaza said...

really like ur dress ni..bleh ajar x cmne nk buat...coz now susah nk crk kalu ade 2 costly...plezzzz