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Saturday, October 25, 2008


i've got these vintage pattern fabrics given by my mother who bought these for me at morning market.its super cheap!She also bought a burberry pattern look like fabric at the same place which cost only RM2!huhu..i forgot to take the picture of that fabric coz i've already sent it to the tailor to make a skirt.hhehe..i was like too sayang laa for that fabric if i sew it myself.I might damage the fabric!I dont want to take the risk..i am a beginner n just know a little about sewing...tapi gatal nk gak jahit.therefore,,during this 5 days holiday,i'm thinking to sew a top or dress..lets see what happen to these fabrics:)


farahkimi said...

i nak blaja menjahit la,tp xde masa lg.u blaja dr sape?

ReYNa said...

i hentam je jahit..nasib baik my mother pandai jahit..jd dia la tok guru i.hahhaha..tp nnti mmg nk g kelas jahit lah if ada masa.huhu

fana said...

mn dpt vintage pattern tu?
beli mn???
hr tu try cr kt penang tmpt mak slalu beli dl,
tp kedai tu dh xde..
mane beli kain tuh???

ReYNa said...

hahah..my mother selalu beli kat morning market kat ngan bagan ajam.die dh collect macam2 fabric dh..haha.ikut nasib..n nasib baik jumpa burberry punya pattern,kalo ade yg cantik mmg die rembat lah..2 rggit jee tuuuu..bnyk yg mcm overseas punya kain tauu

farahkimi said...

rm2 for a 4-meter clothe?yang lain2 tu brape meter?why don't u beli kain2 tu then jual kat blog ni.haha

ReYNa said...

huhu..its 2rggt for 1 metre i think..yg dress i wat tu x smpai pon 4 metre..tp my mom ckp 2 rggt.coz my mom regular customer jd dpt murah la kot.haha