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Thursday, April 29, 2010

fresh flowers

I sacrifice lots of my time n money for this wedding.sengsara x dpt rehat2 dh.usually after school i can take a rest.But now no more rest for me,. sleep almost 2 am n gets up 6 am everyday.huuu.for upcoming next weekend i'll become bridezilla yg dh panik.help me plzz.now i want to buy fresh flowers for deco.I ordered the flowers from bunga segar cameron Coz i'm not staying in KB so its quite difficult for me to get the flowers. They only transport the flowers to KB if i wanted them deliver by a bus/lorry.So they suggested me to choose the courier instead of bus.is it still safe?i have no choice:(

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

door gift bag

I'm super duper bz rite now.Exam's paper draft still in the process. With lots of wedding stuff to be done too...Gazillion thanks to my bestie huda coz helped me so much.Without u my mission would not be completed..eh.baru separuh je ni.huhuh,at least i can cover up something than nothing.huuu.masa yg terhad n bnyk keje sekolah so its hard for me to manage all the things with single hand.ngan jauhnye lagi.takpe la.sabar je la..Thats why i've become so slow in blogging.Okla,last week i've managed to buy the LACE UMBRELLA!yahooo.punya la lama nak baru skang dpt?share2 ngan huda.yippiee.comelnya payungku.Due i couldn't find my hp cable so i dont have any picture of my cute lace umbrella. nak tgk gmba bleh refer blog huda ye.huhu.So far the result after tawaf jalan tar i'm happily marked a few of things needed to buy. yg paling bnyk beli adalah door gift bag.like pouch bag tu.dunno apa jenis gift bag tu but i loike!cheap too!found it at klim kraft.kesian huda angkut i punye brg tu.sorry nnti aku tlg ko pule ye.but i only bought less than 700 coz i reserve another 400 to buy polka dot paper bag,.(berangan).konon gi pagi ke chow kit nk cari paper bag tu tp sekali kedai bnyk tutup daa hari ahad.tensen btol!i'm hoping to get this paper bag less than rm1.50.anybody can give opinion?or maybe i just buy the same door gift bag which is cheaper but yet still sweet.duhh,.,.double thinking

cute n simple

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sape nak gi US??

I'm desperate rite now.desperate looking for handbag as hantaran.I need somebody who live at US n buy me coach.kenape kat us?.coz org ckp lg murah.ya kaa?huhu.If at the boutiques in malaysia the colours are limited n still expensive too.Fana was in trip at HK n told me there was a factory outlet which sell coach bags.The prices are good n mostly can get 30-40% less.tapi beg itu x ada logo coach yg ada keta kuda tuuu.huh.plk dah.So she suggested me to find a friend who live in US to buy for me...oh dear ..mane ade kwn kat situ nokk.huuu.But i also found in blogs which sells coach handbag,there were cheaper too.tapi x tau la kesahihan originality of the bags.hmm.ade sesape nk gi US?or ade sesape penah beli authentic coach/gucci/anya hindmarch handbags at online blogshop?tell me more..

Fall in love

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's activity

Last few days i had headache n mild fever.huu.baru ok sikit ni.Baru boleh update blog.So for today's activity i just went to ikea looking ideas for deco preparation. Ohh..i love going out on sunday.It seems like not so many people today n made me relieved coz no need to be stuck in jammed packed of cars n people..While walking around ikea n surveying, the ideas for centerpiece came continuously n bertimpa2 la datang coz dh duduk tmpat yg brg2 mmg cun2.Rase nk beli je semua tp apakan daya bajet x cukup.hihi.Oh i also surveyed the mugs at ikea.I think the mugs at ikea had become very popular to be given out as doorgift/favors as i could see there were a few families buying the 0.85 cent mugs.After a few hours n long thinking(sebenarnya kire bajet),i just bought square glass vases n keep my money to buy the flowers on the next day.I would love to put fresh flowers to create a centerpiece on the table .But maybe if no budget for fresh flowers that means i need to buy good looking artificial flowers,.yeay.nnti nak g romantika plak..

I came across these lovely pictures from google

These would be easy for the do-it yourselfer

exactly like mine

kalo jariku skreatip ini

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cute mugs

I 'm at my kg right now.but tomorrow i'll be leaving to klang again,duhh.feels like heaven if blk kg kan.huhu.okies.just minor update.I found several mugs that caught my eyes at 99ceria( a shop in my kg like rm2 shop, but more stuffs n better quality i guess). There is so much choice to choose but i kinda like these mugs.Thinking to make it as my doorgift to vvips. mana satu pilihan hatiku in weh.very affordable too.Its hard to believe it as i can get the mug as low as rm1.00!yg besar pon leh dpt rm2.00 je.:)