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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cute mugs

I 'm at my kg right now.but tomorrow i'll be leaving to klang again,duhh.feels like heaven if blk kg kan.huhu.okies.just minor update.I found several mugs that caught my eyes at 99ceria( a shop in my kg like rm2 shop, but more stuffs n better quality i guess). There is so much choice to choose but i kinda like these mugs.Thinking to make it as my doorgift to vvips. mana satu pilihan hatiku in weh.very affordable too.Its hard to believe it as i can get the mug as low as rm1.00!yg besar pon leh dpt rm2.00 je.:)


Riena said...

eh murahnyaa... kast sini biasa rm3 keatas....kat mana ni u?

ReYNa said...

itu laa.murah kan.tgk kat kg i kat kelate.x penah lg tgk murah gitu:)