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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zairin's wedding

Hello lovelies.How is your saturday treating you so far?As for me, i filled up my great weekend in taiping with my husband doing many things such as play with cats, eat good food (i love love their kuey teow goreng), round around taiping and drive manual car!haha,.it has been so long i haven't drive a manual car!hehe.
Ok..First of all i have to admit that nowadays i've become so lazy to update my blog.Life just get so frenzied sometime.Almost everyday i have school work to do plus house work.huhu.Now, to update my blog for today i would like to share with you about zairin's wedding.She is my very good friend when i studying in USM. She had been to my wedding too..So her wedding is a must event i've been looking for to attend. Here are some of her pictures and her lovely event captured by my cameras.gambar2 die yg official belum siap lagi kot.

Haa. ni la pengantinnya.Zairin ni come lote.ada mcm Heliza AF x?huhu

Mas kawen nya. Comel

Alahai..cute sgt pelaminnya.ini pelamin kat umahnya.utk family n kawan rapat aje.dulu kawen nak lampu mcm ni kat pelamin (huu.tetibe teringat kisah pahit manis kawen haritu..huhu).

Zairin x bersanding. die wat meja beradap aje.simple tapi suka deco nya.sbb pink .hihi


p/s: Congrats Zairin. Dapat jugak kawen ngan en nazmi ni.hihihi.Wish you a happy married life and get baby soon...eh.kitorang janji nak dapat baby sama2.so anak sebaya la nanti.haha.Verangan.

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