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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinner at Seoul Garden

Last week i went to Seoul garden outlet in Juru Autocity and try out their buffet. It was my first time dining here. After dapat gaji terus gi sini ngan hubby.haha. I don't have many pictures to blog about this restaurant sebab teruja sangat nk makan.But you can easily find so many reviews from other bloggers/food web. Ok,when we first arrive there, the waiter asked me need to choose the soup base for steamboat. There are a few flavors can be chosen such as Ginseng, Tom Yam, and etc. I opt their Tom Yam soup because i love to eat hot and spicy food. They have so many variety of marinated chicken and beef too. I was like so rambang mata and greedy enough to try out all their tasty menu including their fried glass noodle.sedap! We eating like mad until our stomach full already.Oh.i forgot to try their kimchee to complete steamboat korean..but nevermind.there would be always next time.Here, you can DIY ice kacang and eat ice cream too.mmg kenyang tahap dewa la.

Pose wajib ngan hubby

jom makan ayam bbq

P/S: Their price for buffet is still considered as reasonable. It is cheaper if you go there during weekdays. Plus if you have student card it is even cheaper. Check out their promotion in their web too and get discount for buffet package.


afni+hafiz=dani said...

lama x mkn seoul garden sejak ada baby..sedap oh!

ReYNa said...

hi afni.nti p la g mkn.ni pon teringin lg ni,hihih