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Friday, March 4, 2011

Nak muka cantik dan putihkan bawah lengan


Its Friday nite!I'm counting the days to fly away to OZ.Ooohh..thinking about it just make me more excited:))(big grin).Ok.The main reason i write this post is to update my blog and to share the beauty tips that is super easy and cheaper too. After all, i'm running out my beauty stuff especially my cleanser.Therefore i need to find home made skin care that is cheaper and affordable for me to do every day.hehe.lagipon sebelum ni pakai dr murad yg mahal itu.jadi x dpt la nak beli lagi bln ni sbb nak gi ostolia katakan.kena jimat cermat. Ok.i've tried this for a week and it works for me.tapi cuba 2 tips je dulu.

1. To make skin glowing

Rub tomato slices or tomato paste (tomato yang telah dilenyek) directly onto your clean skin. Leave it for 20-25 minutes. in my case, i don't want to wait too long so i just wait for 5 minutes only.ngeee!Then, rinse it with warm water/cold water.tapi hari2 buat. As for your information, tomato is excellent for purifying and rejuvenating your skin!muka akan jadi glowing gitu

2. How to whiten dark armpits.
Get lemon and slice into two. (its ok kalo nak lagi nipis sbb faktor jimat.;p). Rub the lemon slices on your under arms.Rinse it after 20-30 minutes. Do it in the morning and evening. you can see the result after a week. saya tengok jadi!Sbb tu la tengok kalo yang deodorant garnier tu ada include pati lemon.

Other beauty tips you can click these links: ehow , petuasejagat and hubpages


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

thanks for the tip. kena cuba nih.

ReYNa said...

amy.kena cuba tp kena sabar jugak nk tggu hasil.huhu