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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Coast Part 1

Its weekend!So i have plenty of time to update my honeymoon getaway to Gold Coast.But for the moment i only can update part by part ok.hihi.How was my honeymoon?My answer would be always marvelous and awesome even though it was only a short period of time.sangat rasa seronok plus bahagia because we travel to somewhere that is full of things to do and see.Ok.I booked the tickets from Air Asia last year during their promotion.Our flight was at night around 9.40pm.So estimated time of arrival at 8.00 am on the next day( around 8 hours).

Our getaway passport.Oh.Its my first time getting to far far away place

Me and hubby pre-booked this meal. It is bbq chicken. Simple tapi sedap jugak

Our journey to kangaroo country took long hours to arrive.I din't purchase their comfort kit therefore i had trouble to sleep.Oh.one more thing i suggest you all to bring along your net book or any gadgets that will entertain you while travelling so you all will not get bored. hhi

dawn. the first light appears at 4.00 am! ( The time in Gold Coast differs only by an additional 2 hours faster than Malaysia)

To be continued..(^ ^)

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