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Sunday, September 27, 2009

make-up and hair style for engagement

i'm searching for anyone who can do make up/hair style n also mini pelamin for my engagement day.But it seemed so hard to find good choice here as my kg is not KL but still KL in short form..Kubang Lebur,.what a name.huhu.so i just booked the bridal boutique on last raya where i can see this butik is so laku there.dunno whether the mak andam can do make-up like what i want.hopefull she can.so my kerja for 2 months before the day is to google n show the pics to her,hehe..i loike these pics:

very simple makeup.boleh ke org kg aku buat simple2?takut jadi mcm tepung gomak je,hope2 x la putih melepuk sgt.mcm ni pon dh ok kan?anyway it's just for my engagement day only :))

love hairstyle for brides.just add fresh flowers to the hair n u will look like a sweet princess.If I could wear my hair like that everyday, I would.


there are many websites out there that have great galleries of hot looks for engagement/wedding day style. After this i will try to update what i like for mini pelamin:)

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