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Friday, August 1, 2008

Gossip Girl

I love the clothes in Gossip Girl. It’s cool how they’re all differentiated for each character. Serena’s, as they said, “rolled out of bed". The thing with Serena’s character is that she is so gorgeous that she would good in ANYTHING n i really love her hair!extremely bouncy n sexy.Blair’s style is more classic, clean lines, “Audrey Hepburn.” I love most of her clothes in this drama coz her look is more my style (erk..takla sangat,haha) but I can’t say I can carry it as well as her.She can wear something that looks too mature for her age but make it more youthful with her headbands. I’m crazy for headbands right now. wink wink*before this i hate wearing headbands coz i thought that my face looked bigger as my face is so chubby.haha

I think i'm addicted to gossip girls..especially their colourful, stylish outfit,handbags,shoes, headbands n scandalous drama.sebenarnya mie, my fren yg ajar tgk haha.even my housemate kak shida also love this show coz i persuade her to watch this drama.tengokk.kak shida pon addicted ngan cite ni.haha...

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