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Monday, September 8, 2008

new haircut

haha..Guess what? I had a new haircut last sunday! Yay!i need to cut it coz my hair was terribly freezing n uncontrollable especially after school.huhuhu.. i managed to squeeze in some time to go to the saloon to get a new haircut n treatment for my hair.but i still felt soo sayangg la tocut it..i had rebonding treatment a few months back n due to so malas nk g treatment jadilah rambutku yg ntah apa2.tambah2 jadi oily scalp plak...lagilaa x best..then,my decision...just cut it..!but tak la potong bnyak pon..just layer it n cut a fringe on front.hmm,.,..takleh wat bangs coz my face chubby lor,haha. then buat treatment..barulaa ringan kepala tauuuu lepas dah buat..bestnya ada org shampoo2 n urut kepala..huhu..

i've experienced oily scalp n hair loss before i went to saloon...to prevent this from becoming worst,i need to do regular treatment..that means...money money money goo awayyy..huuhu..takpelah.pelaburan.so any idea to help me find the solution??takde??haaa...confirm kena g salun dah ni..huahuahua


fana said...

aaaa? potong rambut??
pics pics and pics!!! huahuahua

ReYNa said...

huhuhu...tak nmpk sgt pon beza..pendek sket je dr dulu..sayang potong bnyk2.haha