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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today is Thursday

Today we went to watch Bolt movie at Sunway Carnival Mall.Before that i promised my little brothers that i would treat them with pizza..huhu

my little brothers n him eating

Bolt Movie,,..the wovie was ok n fun coz of that chubby hamster but to me it still could not beat Madagascar 2 .my bf told me he loved bolt movie because he has a cat name Eceh which looks like Mittens in the movie.,haha,..

Finally i bought this stuff!along with other products such as mascara, heat protector,lotion n others which all total up more than RM50.If i want to get the price of the 10 in 1 styler which cost RM129, i must spend RM50 n above..okla.coz i could get all that i wanted..broke again,,huwaaaa


fana said...

ckit2 madagascar.
tp i pn x tgk2 lg. huhuhu.
sudah beli itu philips kaaa?

ReYNa said...

haha.a'ah laa..no offfense,just rasa madagascar tu best coz suka lagu die..move it move it..hahaha
dh buy philips..tp rase malas lg nk wat curly hair,syg rebonding rmbut ni,haha