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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuti2 Malaysia

Yesterday i went to zoo taiping with my friends(zoo taiping is houses of exotic animals).gosh.so much fun.our madagascar's fever still havent finish yet as we all always talking about alex, gloria, marty, melman, n king julien!haha,especially yan la..suka sangat badak air.best taiping.so i would not regret this trip.great,lucky those who lived in taiping.oh,n .i think this is my cuti2 malaysia too.hehe.as i'm in holiday rite now.

beruang matahari,,apa dia buat??...dia tengah berak.hheee..clever this bear.

finding kutu as chimpanzee
orang utan

ok.i want to buy this kanggaroo
elephants..soo cute
this is melman

then we felt really hungry after walking around the zoo.so we decided to eat at old town white coffe at taiping sentral..then, off to burmese pool to ease our mind at the waterfall.so refreshing n very cold water..no pics taken coz we forgot to bring camera
haha, berlumba itik at lake garden.hehe.we could have beautiful n tonned leg after we ride this stuff.

went back to png and arrived at 9.50pm.After that, we went straight to Queensbay!why?coz i want to watch TWILIGHT laaa!too bad i came in late n the movie had already started,.tak puas.after this i would buy the DVD of course..:)damn hawt vampires..kirsten also very good as bella,.hehe.
i couldnt help flipping the pages of this sensual adult romance madly..i think the book must have spell casted on them..edward cullen.He's Every Girl's dream.If he loves you, he won't kill you. Gotta love that.


farahkimi said...

i watched twilight yesterday too!hehe

fana said...

bess ke?
taiping mmg bes punnnnnn
bile nk blk tepeng nih...

ReYNa said...

Farahkimi: yey!!haha..good2.tp cite tu x sama sgt mcm dlm novel la.hehe,,i guess reading is the best.tp bleh tgk muke edward n bella.hhaha

fana:bess..suke berlumba itik kat tasik tuuuuuu.ahha