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Monday, November 17, 2008

I love weekend

On last Saturday,me n fana hang out n went to bombshell showpink bazaar which is located in bangsar..YEYY..FANA DROVE!haha,1st time naik keta dia bwk,ok2,.,.cekap2..which is good to survive in KL actually.hehe

after tried out many clothes,only one dress i bought.haha.fana too.why?we were stressed because only one fitting room available!n other customers also want to try out their chosen clothes,.ishh.other reason coz most of the clothes were quite expensive for us,hehe

Actually, i also bought these vintage clothes from a friend, farahkimi:).but the yellow top is not what i want due to wrong code.but its ok,..i would wear it too anyway,.cute ape

Then, off to OU coz fana need to kerja at 3rd flyniversary.while waiting the event to start, i walk around OU n decided to buy heels to attend my friend's wedding on the next day.haha

not much choice so i bought these mustard heels..

PRESENT FOR DEARIE FANA..SORRY I REALLY JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.MUST READ OK?x sedap pon kena BACA..this book is good for summer reading.eh,.,malaysia ada summer ke?always summer rite,haha

at 3rd flyniversary.

awesome event!Thanks fana coz inviting me..haha


farahkimi said...

haha,i rase code tu dah betul.pc u yg xbetul ni.hahaha.but,i nak tau which one exactly yg u nak ni?saje nak tau.hehe

ReYNa said...

fana pon ckp code tu x btul la.maybe ur laptop version lain ngan kitorg.huhuh..actually i nak yg english rose tu..yg lengan pjg tu..i think warna biru or kelabu kot.x jelas.tp xpe..i x kesah.huhu

ReYNa said...

eeehehe..farah.i pakai my father's laptop skang n tgk blk kat ur blog br btul code tu.the rite one i want is V2!tp sblom tu terase nk buy yg V5.haha..xpe2.i nak je bj kuning tu.hehe

farahkimi said...

aish korang nye laptop canggih sgt kot!hehe.ooo,V2 tu kale light purple.V5 pun cantik sbb corak die english rose plus material die adalah net.sexy you!haha.kalau nak btau la ye.hehe