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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ever wish to have a sister?

i wish to have sister..both younger sister or older sister.i'm always envy those people who have sisters,,they make fun, talking,gossiping or shopping together..being a single daughter is boring sometimes.with brothers like i have rite now..oh Tuhan.so BORINGGGGGG.i dont say that i'm not grateful but this is what i feel rite now,,miserable n lonely,.its haunting me:`(


fana said...

sm laa cm i.
the one & only gurl.
nsb baik laa ade anas yg leh cam pompuan2 skit.

ReYNa said...

hahah..ala..jaga2.nnti jd lembut kang...takpelah..nnti u jd adik i jugak.hahahahah

farahkimi said...

few years back,i wished that i have an elder brother.haha

ReYNa said...

i jeles u ada kakak la farah.boleh pinjam2 baju,g jln sama2,.hehe.elder brother for what?protective?huhu..sometimes rase nk jugak tp dh terlalu ramai lelaki dlm family,so nk pompuan laaa plakk.huhuhhu

farahkimi said...

hey,be careful what you wish for!haha,takut x?

ReYNa said...

hahaha..x takutt..!heheh