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Friday, November 21, 2008

Madagascar:escape 2 Africa n twilight!yippiee!!!

YEY!!!today i've watched MADAGASCAR:ESCAPE 2 AFRICA with my little brothers!they asked me to belanja tgk wayang.huhu.Thank God the movie was veryyy good n soo funny:)great movie!

me wearing new grey baxter skinny jeans from TOPSHOP:)

syafiq, boboy n baby..eh.ada lg..bencik.he's not in the picture.huhu

its TWILIGHT!!bought this book today after watched the review in Astro last two days..ooohhhh..i can't wait to read this book!The movie will be release in Malaysia soon,i think 27th nov..Hoping to finish this book before the time would come.yeyeyyeye..i'm happy:)cant wait to watch robert pattinson..he's cedric diggory in harry potter.huhuhu


farahkimi said...

kwn i paksa2 i baca buku twilight ni but since there will be a movie,there's no way i'm gonna read!dia marah gile.hahah

ReYNa said...

hahhaha..farah,u goota read this book!i'm addicted to this book rite now.hehe.tgk movie ni jgn x tgk.

fana said...

best sangat keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???? ahahahahahaha. tgh busan. huhuhu

ReYNa said...

besttt sgtttttttttt laaa fanaaa.i tgh kemaruk baca novel die.ahhaha.i'm going to watch the movie!