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Friday, November 14, 2008

My brother got 5A's!

Yesterday UPSR's result has finally come out!My school as always achieved great achievement.the number of girls who got 5A's is quite many.even pupils who we expected could not get 5A's also achieved 5A's!i've heard the rumours said UPSR's question had been revealed to pupils before the UPSR has started n some said they even spread the answers too!..whoaa..dunno laa.soalan bocor2 ni...my school didnt get the question la.but this rumour was so popular n even my auntie from kltn called me to ask about that,.she's a teacher too.n smpai skang we all didnt know who spread the answers to pupils..only guess je.

ok..enough this..i just want to annouce that my brother also took this exam n he got 5A's!i'm soo happy..:)he don't know nothing about soalan bocor ni,heh,.,.his great sister laa yg ajar n paksa belajar.berbaloi laa balik png n tgk die belajar..huhu.apa2 pun what i know on december i need to belanja him n give him some money to celebrate his great achievemnt..i'm soo proud of uu syafiq!!


fana said...

ckp kat adik u tahniah.
u pn sm laa kn.
cikgu yg ngajornye, tahniah le ye.

ReYNa said...

huahauha...thank uu..nnti i smpaikan.x sia2 laa blk png.haa...tggu result adik u plak.huhu