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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Kak fiza n Kak Husna

Tg Karang is the place where these two wedding were held.I've never been there so i decided to attend their wedding.Its quite far from Klang n the journey took 1 1/2 hour to be arrived,Nasib baik rumah diorg agak dekat kt tg karang tu...so i don't have much problem to go there,Kak Fiza@Cikgu Hafizah is my colleague at SKC1 while Kak Husna was my classmate during KPLI.yey..diorg dh kawen..me? ntah..their age were just 1 year older than me.huuuu.so maybe next time its my turn rite.just wait.huhuh

lovely Cikgu Hafizah..she used green and white theme:)

Oh Kak Husna also used green theme for her wedding..:) she look slimmer la.almost 1 year we haven't met.tup2 dh kawennn

School holidays has begun,n definitely december is the month where people love to get married.i've got invitation to ena's wedding.she's my friend during high school n i'm soo looking forward to attend her wedding.yeay!

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