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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waxing again

Another waxing review?hehe.But the place just different. As i mentioned before, i've been transfered to Penang hence it is quite difficult for me to find where is the right place to do it.Now, with the help of Mr. google, i found this place called fluff. Comel namanya n kedai warna pink gitu.iklannya ada gmbar gorilla..hahha!(lupe nak snap).

It is located at Gurney Plaza Penang. The price is little bit pricey like Strip but their service is excellent and i'm satisfied with the result. The question is "does it hurt?".Well it depends on you. I think it is bearable.But what if you are really chicken out?..Don'tworry..They now offers the Pain Free Brazillian. Just invest a little bit more then you'll have the pain free during the waxing. I x add ape2 walaupun die tanya because i think i can handle it ;p. So sape2 yang duk penang tapi x tau nak wax kat mana sila pergi ke fluff.They all bukan setakat wax sahaja tapi boleh jugak buat eyebrow, manicure and pedicure. I think i'm going there again for a second time!konon dah 2 kali proses jadi agak kebal dah nk gi bnyk kali.kesakitan makin kurang kot. Kena pikir beranak lagi berganda sakit dari wat proses yang alaahai small matter.huuuu..

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In the room

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Zatil said...

u do brazillian wax?OMG! sgt berani!

ReYNa said...

yup!mcm nk beranak.hahaha.

Zatil said...

Wow,rina mmg buat sokmo ke brzlian wax?husband ok with it?ive been wanting to but dont have the courage to bare everything to a stranger!plus,hubby confirm xbagi ni.siap die bgtau tkut ada cctv.LOL!igt nk DIY,tp byk plk review ckp worse sakit tu kat buat sndiri...huhu

ReYNa said...

nic.dun worry.xdenya cctv.kalo ada mapuh la kedai2 tu.huhuh.tp sy g yg boleh dipercayai n ada review bagus.mcm strip n fluff.sbb sy duk png tu sy g fluff.ce awk try g strip.kalo kat bangsar ada murah tp sy x penah gi.hubby sy siap teman sy pegi.hihi.ni kali ke-3 dh buat.tp skang dh ngandung x gi buat dah,tggu after beranak

ReYNa said...

oh.sy gi strup kat the curve pon bagus jugak.bnyk review best pasal strip tau.kita rasa after buat mmg mcm baby.hhihi

ReYNa said...