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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gold Coast Part 3

Movieworld!This place cannot be missed!Its certainly give you wonderful experience especially people who loves cartoon character and rides.Just look at my pictures:0

YEahhh...i'm at MOVIEWORLD

Superman ride yang sungguh ngeri i nak naik.sorry lagi 10 tahun kena kumpul keberanian

Whats up doc?

My hubby tunjuk keberanian naik Batman ride.giler takut i mau naik

At wildwild west

Ben & Jerry's ni sangat sedapp

Hollywood stunt.Their performance are wayyy too cool..i love their stunt!Besides they make it like acting.berbaloi-baloi tengok

look at the deco of the tree..looks like a carrot isn't?

One day i will take my kids to ride on this..so cool and fun to see their kids screaming comel

alalala...sylvester cat

i could not take pictures with them...so rugiii..masa nak gi tgkap diorg dh ckp last pic dah..sedeyyy


Batman forever

p/s: I missed Movieworld

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