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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips to Gold Coast

Last entry for Gold Coast story.hehe.Anyway, i just wanna add a few tips to go there.

1. Definitely you'll never be lost there. My return transfer had been arranged by Gold Coast Tour Holiday.I booked through Air Asia.Its easy plus cheaper.

2. If you want to travel to Australia, make sure you apply for ETA.Click here ETA. Just do it through online and they will approve your application in just seconds!

3. Travel around Gold Coast is not a problem. You can decide to ride a bus (can buy their pass at the airport too), hire a cab and rent a car. But i think its cheaper if you ride a bus. They use TOYOTA PRIUS as their cab!my dream car!haha. Eh,. you also can choose the packages provided at your accomodation. Masa i dulu duk kat grand chancellor jadi just book kat tour desk die je.very easy. Check this out: rentthrifty

4. Masuk Australia jangan bawak barangan tenusu, telur and barang-barang yang dilarang sama sekali sbb diorg sgt strict!diorg akan check ingredients satu2 ok.my tuna spread mayonnaise kena rampas because ada telur katanya,.tapi maggi lepas:)

5. nak shopping murah kat gold coast agak susah la melainkan u ols pegi harbour town n minat brand ROXY, COTTON ON, RIP CURL, FOX MONSTER, QUICKSILVER or brg2 surfer..mmg murah la sana.but before that must survey the price in malaysia. Click this http://www.harbourtown.com.au/

6. Makanan halal?senang je mkn sana.berlmbak kot kedai mknn halal. A few i can put here is Ali baba kebab (location dkt ngan hotel mantra), along the way to the beach kat ngan surfer paradise ada beberapa kedai kebab+pizza halal,restoran maharani and Legend Chinese Seafood.jalan je mmg nampak restoran halal tu.

7. How to wear appropriately in GC?No need to do so as GC is sempoi place,.hihi.mat saleh pakai seluar pendek je and their lifestyle sangat best..enjoy je.

8. Try to allocate more money to go here because the exchange rate is about 1 AUD = 3.23178 MYR

Ok.finish..next time i'll update more story but no more gold coast.huhuhu..

I am totally satisfied and love my entire journey there.. Hopefully next time insyaAllah i will visit GC again and do different things as in my list:

a) Seaworld
b) Go up to Q1 observation deck, the highest point in Gold Coast
c) Tangalooma and play with dolphins:p
d) Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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